5 Easy Methods To Remove Dandruff Using Baking Powder

Remove Dandruff Using Baking Powder

Dandruff is the most common hair problem faced by many people. It occurs due to oil imbalance of scalp and impurities present in it. Though there are many anti-dandruff shampoos available in the market, but the home remedies are still incredible. They cause no harm to your hair. Baking powder is an amazing home based product which can help you to get rid of dandruff easily.

There Are Many Ways To Use Baking Powder To Eliminate Dandruff From Your Hair. Such As:

Baking Powder With Water:

You can simply use baking powder with water for this purpose. Take 2 tbsp of baking powder and a glass of lukewarm water. Mix it well and make a thick paste. Apply this paste on your head and especially on the areas where more dandruff is present. Rub rigorously for some time. Now rinse thoroughly and air dry. It cleans your scalp and reduces the flakes.

Baking powder with water

Dry Baking Powder:

It is another alternative to use baking powder to prevent dandruff. You can simply use the baking powder only. Take 2-3 tbsp of baking powder and simply with your fingers sprinkle it on your head. With the help of comb make several partitions and now sprinkle again to help it reaching the scalp for working more efficiently.

Dry Baking Powder

Baking Powder With Shampoo:

It is another easy method of using baking powder to get rid of dandruff from your hair. You need to take a mild or herbal shampoo and mix 2 tsp of baking powder in it. Now massage it gently to your hair and especially to the scalp. Leave it for few seconds and then rinse off. Baking powder actually cleans out excessive oil from your scalp and thus helps in reducing the dandruff.

Baking powder with shampoo

Baking Powder With Conditioner:

Baking powder can also be used as conditioner or it can be accompanied by your conditioner. It will not provide any harm to your tresses. Take some amount of conditioner on your hand and mix 1-2 tbsp of baking soda in it. Now apply it to your hairs and leave for few seconds. Then rinse thoroughly and air dry.

Baking powder with conditioner

Baking Powder With Apple Cider Vinegar:

The combination of apple cider vinegar with baking powder is tremendously beneficial for your hair. It not only prevents the dandruff but makes the hair healthy also. Take 2 tbsp baking powder and 1-2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar. Mix it well and apply to your hairs. Leave for some time and then rinse off your hair thoroughly.

Baking powder with Apple cider vinegar

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