Mermaid Inspired Eye Makeup In 4 Easy Steps

Eyes are one of the most attractive features of the face. Every woman likes to add drama to her peepers and loves experimenting with various eye makeup trends. Dominating the international runway, today, is the mermaid eye makeup. Here is how you can learn the mermaid eye makeup and wear it for your next night out. Read the steps below to achieve the glamorous look.

Here Are Mermaid Inspired Eye Makeup In 4 Easy Steps

1. Prep The Eye

Step one, for any eye makeup it is a must to use an eye primer on your eye lids and below the lash line. This step is essential to ensure a long lasting eye makeup. Post this; apply beige or nude eye shadow or a concealer to neutralize the skin tone.


2. Select And Blend The Colors

Depending on how dramatic you want the look, select the intensity of the hues. Pick three colors that complement each other. Ideally, use a blue, purple and green to create the perfect mermaid eye makeup. The shades can either be pastel, neon, metallic or shimmer. The metallic shades are the most popular among these and can be found in high end as well as drugstore brands. With an eye shadow brush, apply the blue eye shadow in the inner and outer corners of the eye. Use another brush to pat the green eye shadow on the center of the eye lid. Take a clean blending eye brush and merge the two colors. Blend until the harsh lines are reduced. Feel free to add more color should you require to intensify the hues. Apply the purple eye shadow to the crease to create depth and blend until you see a gradient effect of the blue, green and purple colors. With a pencil brush, create a gradient of the three colors on the lower lash line from the inner corners of the eye to the outer corner of the eye.

Select And Blend The Colors

3. Add Some Shine To Your Eyes

The final touches to the makeup are always the exciting part. Take a damp eye shadow brush and dip it into glitter eye powder. Pat this brush on the eyelid until the glitter settles. Highlight the inner corners and the brow bone to create a dramatic effect. Add dense fall eye lashes and mascara to give your eye a fuller look.

Some Shine To Your Eyes

4. Tips And Tricks

Don’t worry if things get a little messy. Use a concealer to clean it up with a brush or a makeup wipe and  the look is ready. Once this gorgeous eye look is complete, you can go ahead and finish your make up with a nude or subtle pink lipstick if you want to tone down the look. If you prefer a bold look, pair it with a vibrant red lipstick and you will be ready to flaunt this amazing look at a party or night out.


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