Make Your Look Stylish With Superb Nail Extensions Techniques

Make Your Look Stylish With Superb Nail Extensions Techniques

Beautiful looking hands with attractive nails give the best reflection of a stunning and bold personality. Women always tries new designs and nail arts to enhance the beauty of their nails as per their nature. Long nails is considered to be a symbol of wealth and status since ancient times but unfortunately, not all females are blessed with the long and strong nails. However, they can also attain the beautiful strong nails by following the nail extension tips which is in fact, can be think as a technique of giving lengths to your original nails by adding additional tips to it. Such extended tips then covered by fiberglass, gel or acrylic so as to give your nails a natural look. Here you will get detail knowledge of this extensions and ways for applying it:-

1. Acrylic Nails Extensions: –

It is a technique of creating acrylic nails by forming a hard layer of a powder polymer and a liquid monomer mixture and then sculpting it over your natural nails. However, before application of acrylic mixture, an artificial tip is also added on nails followed by giving a shape and shiny finishing to nails when it becomes hard in air.

Acrylic Nails Extensions

2. Gel Nails Extensions:

Gel is a readymade liquid type corrosive material somehow similar to hair gel which is applied directly to the natural nail bed or to the top of an artificial nail extension for giving strengths to your original nails. The best feature of this technique is that you didn’t need mixing for creating gel like acrylic extension.

Gel Nails Extensions

3. Fiberglass Nails Extension:

In this technique of nails extension, cutting of fiberglass tics is done as per fitting of your nail bed before sealing of your extended nails with glues. This technique is somehow expensive and needs professionalism in work by experienced nail artists.

Fiberglass Nails Extension

Steps For Nail Extensions At Home

1. Wash Your Natural Nails:

For your nail extension technique, first of all you must prepare natural nails by washing and cleaning the polish and glue from it by using acetone and then pushing the cuticles back.

Wash Your Natural Nails

2. Trim Your Nails:

If you own natural long nails then you need to trim its corner by using nail cutter so that better gripping of artificial nails can be attained. You must also maintain the moisture and shine of your natural nails by buffing your nails lightly.

Trim Your Nails

3. Choose Best Nail Tip: –

Choosing of an appropriate size nail tip is a very daunting task for many females but it is the most important step in increasing nails length. You must choose the tip that must match to your nails tip followed by applying glue to the hollow part of the tip with little pressure to avoid air bubbles.

Choose Best Nail Tip
 4. Shape Your Nails:

After applying glue to your artificial nails, you must leave it there for half an hour followed by cutting and shagging of your nails tip to desirable length by using a scissors and then buffing your nails for a smooth and attractive finishing.

Shape Your Nails

5. Apply Nail Polish Design:

After giving shape to your nails, buff the tip of your nails slowly unless its meets your natural nail by using buffer. You must buff your nails with great care as fast buffing may also cut your whole artificial tip accidentally.  After buffing, you must clean your nails and then apply the base or any nail polish design so as to give a final attractive touch to your nail arts.

Apply Nail Polish DesignYour nail with extension is now ready and you can attract your friend with it every time.


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