How To Take Care Of Beauty Of Your Feet During Winters


Are you among those girls who take good care of their face, hands and neck during winters but ignore feet often? If yes, this is the time when you should start taking care of your feet also otherwise your feet will lose their natural glow.

Here Are Some Miraculous Tips To Work In This Direction 

1. Regular Cleansing

From now onwards, whenever you are working in washroom for cleaning your face and hands, just apply a little soap on your feet too and scrub it thoroughly. Wash with lukewarm water and pat dry with soft towel. Don’t forget to wipe in the areas between your toes.

Regular Cleansing

2. Magical Massage

Take some cold cream and add equal amount of your regular toothpaste in it. Mix the cream and toothpaste well together and apply this mixture slowly on your feet. Massage your feet well with this mixture for fifteen minutes. Wash with lukewarm water afterwards and see the change yourself.

Magical Massage

3. Lemon Water Treatment

Take a bowl of pure lukewarm water and add juice of two lemons in it. Now, dip a clean cotton napkin in this water and keep this napkin on your feet for some time. Then, again squeeze the napkin in lemon water and keep it on your feet. Repeat the process for 4-5 times. At last, wash your feet with plain lukewarm water and apply moisturizer. This will snatch all the bad smell from feet and provide them a soft and fresh skin.

 Lemon Water Treatment

4. Massaging Oil

Take a big tablespoon full of almond oil and olive oil each; mix both the oils well and add few drops of any aroma oil in this solution. This is regular massaging oil for your feet. Store this oil in a dark bottle and use whenever you and to massage your oil.

Massaging Oil

5. Strawberry Exfoliation

Prepare a strawberry exfoliation pack for your feet. Take 5 strawberries and crush them well. Then, add the paste of 8-10 almonds in strawberry paste. Add two teaspoons of olive oil and a spoonful of common salt in this paste. Massage your feet and toes with this paste thoroughly and wash with lukewarm water after 5 minutes. This is the best thing to remove dead skin from your feet.
So, are you ready to pamper your feet well this winter?

Strawberry Exfoliation

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