How To Perform Locust Pose And Its Health Benefits

How To Perform Locust Pose And Its Health Benefits

Yoga actually consists of a large number of asanas or poses which uses the organs of your body. These are
basically one type of free hand exercise. The locust pose is one of the most familiar asana which is a easy one and can be performed easily in your home. It does not require any supporting instruments or props.

Why It Is Called Locust Pose?

Locust Pose is a basic yoga asana and an easy one to perform it. The name is derived originally from a Sanskrit word “Salava” which signifies Locust. When any body performs this pose he/she looks like a locust.

Step By Step Method Of Locust Pose:

To perform this asana first lay straight in the ground placing your face downward on the floor. Now place both of your hands beside your body while facing your palms upside direction. Try to uplift the upper and lower portion of your body and support your body weight with the abdomen. Hold this position for 10 to 15 seconds. You have to perform the pose again to repeat it twice.

Health Benefits Of Locust Pose On Your Body:

Helps In Irregular Periods:

Locust Pose is highly beneficial in irregular period problems. In this asana the abdominal part of your body is used. It thus provide benefits and its help in normal your periods.

Beneficial For Irregular Periods

Strengthens Your Arms:

The total body weight goes on the hand and the belly as they keep the body balance. As you balance your body with the hands the muscles of your arms are used and thus it got strengthen by this exercise.

Strengthens your arms

Good For Your Abdomen:

In this particular pose the abdominal muscles are used. This pose helps you to strengthen the muscles of your abdominal area and the connecting tissues with it.

Abdominal Muscles

Strengthen The Lower Part Of Body:

Now a day we all use lifts instead of stairs, use cars instead of walking. So, there is a need of exercise for the legs and lower body part. Locust pose mainly provides benefits to the lower part of your body especially it improves your leg muscles.

Strengthen the lower part of body

Good For Your Shoulders Too:

As you have to take the load of whole body on your hands it also improves the muscles of your shoulder area. If you regularly perform this asana will strengthen your shoulders too.

Good for your shoulders too

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