How To Perform Full Boat Pose And Know All Its Benefits

Full Boat Pose

Do you know how to perform Full Boat Pose or Paripurna Navasana? It is actually very easy pose which can be done by you in your home. Yoga asanas are very good for us as they use the organs of our body muscles and made them flexible. Asanas works on some particular organs and muscles thus we get long term benefit from it. They have numerous benefits that work on both our body and mind.

As originated in India all the Yoga asanas or poses consists name with Sanskrit words. In this particular pose the complete body of the performer looks like a boat and in Sanskrit boat is known as “Nava” where as “Asana” stands for the word pose, so that we can also call boat pose as Paripurna Navasana.

Do Paripurna Navasana Or Full Boat Pose In Simple Steps:

This is a very easy pose so that you can easily perform it with out the help of any body. Here are the steps to do boat pose.First sit on the ground by stretching your legs in front of you and keeping your spine erect on the ground.Now fold both of your legs at your knees and keep them towards your body. Balance your whole body on your lower back and bend your upper back in the back side of your body. But be careful that your upper body part must not bend but it should form a straight line where it is in tilt position.

How To Perform Full Boat Pose

To maintain the proper balance of your body you may pull your legs towards your body with the arms. Now stretch both of your arms in front of you parallel with the ground where as balancing your body weight. Now stretch both of your legs which were previously pulled and also stretch your feet. Your legs must be in a straight perpendicular line with your upper body part. Breathe easily, relax your body and concentrate on balancing your body weight on your lower back. Be careful that you must comfortably do this particular pose. Hold this pose for 10-15 seconds and perform it again.

Here Are The 6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Boat Pose On Your Body:

Improves Digestive System:

Full boat pose effectively works on your digestive system and prevents minor digestive problem in an effective way. So, those who are suffering from any digestive problem, they can try this pose to get rid of those problems.

Improves Digestion (2)

Strengthens Muscles Of Your Legs:

Full Boat pose is a very good trick to strengthen the muscle of your legs and it effectively builds it strong with minimum effort.

Ideal For Leg And Thigh Muscles

Gives Relief In Various Diseases:

Full Boat pose also prevents various diseases and keeps you fit. According to the doctors it gives you relief in the problem of Intestine, Thyroid and Prostate etc. So try to perform this pose regularly to get healthy.

Immune System

Good For Muscles Of Your Belly:

In this pose you have to bend your body at your belly and you have to hold this position. Regular performance of this pose keeps the muscles of your belly strong. It also helps you shed the extra fat of your belly and gives yoga flat belly without going to Gym.

Abdominal Muscles

Strengthens Lower Back:

This particular pose you have to balance your whole body weight on your lower back which provides strengths to your lower back.

Strengthens Lower Back

A Great Stress Reliever:

Full boat pose effectively reduces the stress of your mind and keeps you healthy. So try to relax every day while doing this superb pose.

Avoid Stress

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