How To Perform Eagle Pose And Know Amazing Health Benefits Of This Pose

Do you know how to do Eagle pose and its interesting health benefits? Here are the simple steps that will help you perform this pose. In Sanskrit language this pose is called Garudasana, where “Garud” signifies the king of bird Eagle in Sanskrit language and the word “Asana” is the generic name of “Pose”. While any body performs this pose it resembles the shape of eagle.

Method To Do Eagle Pose

Follow the method Eagle Pose perfectly in simple steps. First stand on your both feet on the floor keeping your body posture like a way you do in mountain pose. Now slowly raise your left leg from the floor and keep the left feet behind the calf area of your right leg creating a simple lock there. Now stretch both of your hands folding them at elbow. Create another lock with your left and right hand. Keep your head straight and keep concentrating on a single point. Hold the pose for 5-10 seconds and keep breathing. This pose is a little bit tough for the beginners. Regular practice will give you perfection and then you will be able to hold the pose for more time.

Interesting Health Benefits Of Eagle Pose:

1. Increases Blood Circulation In Your Body

Eagle pose helps in increasing blood circulation in your whole body and helps you to be healthy. Increasing blood flow clears your arteries and thus lessens the chances of heart related diseases.

Increases Blood Circulation In Your Body

2. Improves Body Balance

As you have to maintain the body balance while performing this pose doing all the postures in a right way so regular practice of this pose helps you to increase your body balance.

Improves Body Balance

3. Tones The Muscles

Eagle pose actually uses almost all the organs of your body and the muscles. It ideally tones all the muscles of your body and helps you to become slim and trim in a healthy way.

Tones The Muscles

4. Improves The Leg Muscles

When you perform Eagle pose you have to carry total body weight on your leg/legs. So it is a good pose which helps you to keep the leg muscles strong. This pose improves the structure of the leg muscles and especially good for calf muscles.

Improves The Leg Muscles

5. Reduces The Chance Of Arthritis

As you have to do locks for your hand and for the legs this amazing pose helps you to use all the joints of your body. Eagle pose helps you in lessening the chance of Arthritis and removes any kind of joint pains.

Reduces The Chance Of Arthritis

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