How To Perform Cat Pose And Know Multiple Health Benefits Of It

Cat Pose And Know Multiple Health Benefits Of It

Yoga is basically a collection of various poses or asanas which provide benefit to the every organ of our body. This poses removes some minor or major problems of our body. If you regularly perform the yoga poses you will keep fit and healthy.

All the yoga poses has their name in Sanskrit. This particular pose also has a Sanskrit name consisting of two words such as “Marjar” means “cat” and “asana” means “pose”. Your body looks like a cat when you perform this particular pose. So, this pose is called “Cat Pose” or “Marjar Asana”.

How To Perform Cat Pose In Your Home:

To perform this particular pose first stand on your hands and place the knees on the floor. Your hands should be under your shoulders and your knees exactly beneath the hips. Now spread your fingers fully spread placing the middle fingers pointing straightly in forward direction. In this position your back should be in horizontal position with the floor. Gaze at the floor. Place your pelvis in neutral position while expanding your spine fully.

Cat Pose

Keep your shoulders straight and press it in down ward motion towards your hands and then lift your shoulders in upward direction. Go back and forth like this several times to make sure you understand the movement. Now try to inhale deeply and while you stretching the arms lift out the shoulders to do the pose properly. Now do the typical cat tilt by performing the following steps. First gently pull the abdominal muscles backward to the spine and tuck your tail bone down. Press your hands firmly on the floor to lift the shoulders. Finally press the middle portion of your back upward and bending your spine in round shape in upward direction. Place your head in inward direction to the body.

Health Benefits Of Cat Pose:

This cat pose is very much beneficial for your body. So, try to perform this pose regularly to get rid from various diseases.

Good For Your Spine:

This cat pose is so important for you because your spine is the most used body part to perform this typical pose. You have to place the spine first stretched and then bending.

Good For Your Spine

Corrects Your Body Posture:

This Cat pose corrects the posture of your body and gives you a perfect posture.

Corrects Your Body Posture

Provides You Proper Movement Technique:

This particular pose provides you to perform your movement correctly by defining the right positioning of your pelvis.

Proper Movement Technique

Good For Joint Pains:

As the knee is used in this pose it is most beneficial for those people who are suffering from joint pains and arthritis.

Relieve Joint Pain

Benificial For The Lower Parts Of Your Body:

In this particular pose the lower parts of your body is used in most effective way which keeps them in working condition. It is one of the best exercise which involves the lower part of your body.

Benificial For The Lower Parts Of Your Body

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