How To Make Garlic Ash For Gray Hair


Garlic Ash For Gray Hair

Gray hair is not something new. Everyone faces it because of stressed out lifestyles, inappropriate diets, too much styling or chemical therapies. However, hair colour is not the only remedy for this problem. You can get rid of your gray hair woes by opting for natural treatments and the oil made using garlic husk or ash is highly recommended. One of the most commonly treatments for healthy hair is use of garlic husk ashes, which helps in reducing the greying of the hair.

In comparison with chemical hair colouring this option is more economical and safe. It sure takes a little extra time but be assured that results will show.

What You Will Need

Basically the process of making ash is not difficult and you will be needing garlic husk of from at least 15-20 cloves along with some 100 ml Olive oil and a frying pan. Of course, you can use a jar or bottle to store the same later. Try to use glass ones as they retain the freshness of the ash and also help it last longer.

What You Will Need

Collect Husk

The first step here would be collecting husk from your kitchen. One tends to normally dispose of the husk and use the cloves. So you see that you are actually not wasting anything rather you are investing or making use of something that is wasted. This can be gradually collected over the days and kept in a jar or tight air seal bag.

Collect husk

Sautéing The husk

The next step would be sautéing this husk, which is again no rocket science. All that you have to do is take the husk along with some decent quantity of oil. Make sure that the pan is dry and there is no water here. Also, use a non stick based pan or utensil as the husk might stick  to the bottom.

Sautéing the husk

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Make The Ash

For making the ash out of this husk, you have to exercise some patience. Basically the husk tends to sit at the bottom of the pan so you have to keep stirring this on a low flame. Also, stay around and keep stirring to get even chariness. Else, some pieces might be underdone while others are over done. You need to ensure that the ash has been blackened completely or else the chemical changes will not take properly and the task of covering grays will not be done

Make The Ash

Let It Cool

Let the husk too cool on its own, rather than putting it beneath the fan. Basically, if you do this, then the reaction of the heating goes away naturally. Else, you might hasten the chemical process, which in turn might not get you the best results. You can also use a net strainer for this purpose.

Make The Oil

For this process, you need to get a clean and dried glass bottle. Having a clean bottle without any soap or liquid is suggested to ensure that the oil lasts for a long time. You should then place the husk in the container. Then keep adding a lift of the olive oil till you reach the desired amount. Then mix well and let it stay for a week. Basically, you have to make sure that the ash sits enough in the oil to penetrate through the different layers.

Make the Oil

Applying The Oil

Once the bottle has been sitting for a week’s time, your oil is ready. Then you need to just apply this as a regular oil form. Massaging it gently with circular motions is suggested for better stimulation.

Applying the Oil


Tips And Suggestions

As a rule of thumb, allow the heating of garlic husk on a low flame. Avoid shaking the bottle when the husk is sitting for a week. Let the oil stay overnight for best results. Along with garlic husk, you can add some dried indian gooseberries to the mixture too.

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