How To Do Crane Pose And Know Several Benefits Of It

Crane Pose

Do you know how to Crane Pose? No! Then please read it as I am going to tell you how to do crane pose and about the amazing benefits of this particular pose. In this particular pose your body looks like a Crane and in Sanskrit language Crane means “Baka” which is one type of bird. As you know all the yoga poses have a name in Sanskrit language so that the Crane Pose is also known as “Bakasana”.

Method For Performing Crane Pose:

First sit on the ground by folding your legs at your knees and in a way that your back must not touch the ground. Now place your hands on the ground facing the palm towards the ground while putting your body weight to your hands. Next try to uplift your heels from the ground Then slowly uplift your feet from the ground and try to balance your body on your hands. Now stretch your back completely so that your chest becomes free while you are holding this pose. Try to breathe in and out while holding the pose for 5-1o seconds. Keep your eyes fixed on a particular thing in front of you and concentrate to relax your body.

Method For Performing Crane Pose

Try to perform this particular pose daily as more practice makes you hold this pose for longer time.

Superb Health Benefits Of Crane Pose:

Ideal For Your Shoulders:

Crane pose is very much effective for those who are suffering from shoulder pains. It gives you relief in a natural way without any medication.

Good for your shoulders too

Gives You Relief In Joint Pains:

Are you a victim of joint pains? Then crane pose must give you a result. As the leg is used in a folded way while performing this pose, thus it effectively works on curing your pains.

Relieve Joint Pain

Strengthens Your Back:

As you have to stretch your back and chest during this pose, this activity provides strength to your back. It also prevents any type of back pain.

Good For Back Muscles

Strengthens Your Arms:

In this pose you have to hold the whole body weight with your arms. It strengthens the muscles of your arms and keeps you fit for a long time.

Strengthens your arms

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