How To Do A Spa Pedicure At Home In 6 Easy Steps

Pedicure At Home

Every time when you need a Pedicure you always go to a salon. But do you know that you can do a pedicure in your home? Yes, you can do. It is really possible. Spa Pedicure is more than a normal pedicure which includes the normal benefit of normal pedicure with additional benefits. Spa Pedicure removes the problem like tired feet, black patches etc. Basically you need a pedicure basically in summer time, as in summer you try your short dresses like hot pants, Capri, mini skirts etc. Thus you have a great need to look your feet great. Spa Pedicure does all these needful for your feet. This article is thus meant for you where you can learn how to do a summer ready spa pedicure in the comfort of your own home. It does not needs to got to the salon and thus saves your precious time and also lots of money. Just follow this article step by step to do a perfect spa pedicure. Do a spa pedicure once in a month in your home to get your feet ready for summer.

1. Collect All The Items Needed For Spa Pedicure:

To do a spa pedicure in your home the very first thing that you have to do is to collect all the ingredients needed for this job. You need nail cutter, cuticle pusher, pumice stone, mild foot wash, nail file, natural/ home made foot scrub, foot pack and foot cream. When you want to do such a spa pedicure keep all this things near your hand so that you can easily avail them.

Collect All The Items Needed For Spa Pedicure

2. Shape Your Nails Properly:

In the first step of this pedicure method just cut the nails in proper shape like you want. It is same as you do in normal pedicure by shaping your nails in round or oval shape. Use a handy nail cutter to cut the nails in the shape you desire. File the sides of the nails with a nail file. It will help you to make the sides of the nails even. After that push the cuticles of the nails in inward direction. Do not cut the cuticles as it will hamper the growth of your nails.

Shape Your Nails Properly

3. Remove The Dirt From Your Feet:

Then take a pot filled with Lukewarm water and pour few drops of mild foot wash in this water. Now soak your feet in this solution for 10-15 minutes. Then rub your feet with pumice stone and a brush to remove the dirt from your feet. Use an old tooth brush to clean your nails by brushing them. Use pumice stone to clean the skin of your feet. Basically it not only helps you to remove the dirt but also removes dead cells from your feet. Then wash your feet with normal water and wipe it with towel.

Remove The Dirt From Your Feet

4. Remove Dead Cells From Your Feet:

Now apply any herbal or home made foot scrub on your feet and massage it on your feet in circular movements. If needed you can use few drops of water in it to massage it easily on your feet. Massage it near your ankle and on the fingers. Massage your feet gently with this foot scrub for 8-10 minutes. Then wash it off with cold water and wipe your feet with a soft cotton cloth.

Remove Dead Cells From Your Feet

5. Apply Foot Pack On Your Feet:

In this step you have to apply foot pack on your feet. You can make it in your home with fresh natural ingredients or can use a ready made foot pack available in market. When you by a ready made foot pack try to buy one which contains lemon or citrus extracts. It will help you to remove the black patches of your skin. Apply the foot pack evenly on your feet and wait until it goes dry. If you have a serum to use on your feet you can mix it in your foot pack and then can use the foot pack. When it goes dry just apply few drops of water on it and massage it gently on your feet for few minutes. Then wash it off from your feet and wipe your feet with a soft cotton cloth.

Apply Foot Pack On Your Feet

6. Massage Your Feet With Foot Cream:

Now take an herbal or moisturizing foot cream which contains any aromatic oil. And massage your feet with this foot cream. Gently massage your feet in circular movements, especially on the pressure points for 10-15 minutes. It will increase the blood circulation in your feet and also removes tired feet problem or any pain in feet. It also helps you to brighten the skin tone of your feet. After that wear cotton socks in your feet.

Massage Your Feet With Foot Cream

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