How Mustard Oil Is Risky For Health

How Mustard Oil Is Risky For Health

How Mustard Oil Is Risky For Health

Mustard oil is oil which is commonly used in India for cooking purpose. In fact, the eastern region of India is totally dependent on mustard oil only for preparing food because people are aware of the health benefits that is being offered by mustard oil to them. On the other hand, mustard oil too has some major side effects and health hazards which are usually kept hidden from the general public. However, some successful clinical studies have proven that eating mustard oil in excess quantity regularly is potentially dangerous for health and fitness. Here are some unknown side effects of mustard oil that you must know so as to live a healthy life.

Here Are Some Side Effects Of Mustard Oil Which Risky For Health:

Highly Toxic In Nature

Mustard oil contains erucic acid which is a bizarre fatty compound and owns toxic nature. Presence of erucic acid in mustard oil makes its user health prone to some severe health complications including diarrhea, coma, cancer, anemia, respiration problems and some cardiovascular problems. It is therefore recommended by medical professionals to stop cooking food from mustard oil so that toxin may not enter to your body through cooked meal with such oil.


Damages Heart Health

In mustard oil, though eructic acid content is very high yet there is more risk of heart health damage due to regular consumption of food made from mustard oil. Higher dosage of mustard oil may led your heart to a condition called ‘fatty degeneration of heart’ or ‘myocardial lipidosis’ which in absence of proper diagnose and treatment at initial stage can damage the cardiac muscles thereby causing problems like heart failure too.

Heart Problems

Increases Risk Of Lung Cancer

Intake of mustard oil in excess quantity increases cardiovascular risk and causes lung problems. You can also consider mustard oil as a root cause of dangerous lung cancer as upper part of respiratory system goes totally damaged with acidic nature of eructic acid. Lung cancer is absolutely fatal and somehow difficult to cure when it reaches later stages of complexion.

Lung Cancer

Promotes Irritation

Apart from eructic acid, mustard oil found to be highly rich in harmful chemical compound called allyl isothiocyanate which causes irritation to lungs, intestines, gastrointestinal etc. Irritating property of mustard oil is also responsible for other complexions like neural disorder and it also increases sensitivity to great extent.


Causes Allergies

Mustard oil also causes some major allergic reactions especially Ige mediated and immunoglobulin allergies like redness of eyes, dry and cracked skin and feeling of itchiness. Though, such allergies are not very complex yet mustard oil consumption is allowed in this case but only in a limited quantity.


Damages Skin

Regular consumption of mustard oil in form of cooked food can affect skins in several ways. In fact, mustard oil interrupts the skin barrier function which in turn cause both minor as well as major skin blisters. Use of mustard oil must be avoided even for massaging both infants and kids so that it may not damages skin due to interruption of skin barrier function. It is due to this reason only that health professionals has now suggested a ban on the use of mustard oil to make massage of infants and small kids.

damage  Skin

Causes Dropsy

Eating food made from mustard oil increases chances of dropsy problem which is the most severe form of edema. In edema, soft tissues of the human body gets swell up as a result of unusual fluid accumulation which in lack of proper diagnosis can damage soft tissues in a short span of time.


Delivers Eruptions

If you apply mustard oil externally on your skin then you will soon notify rashes on your skin which can cause eruption to your skin. Rashes named ‘pityriasis rosea’ is the most erupting and benign rashes whose unbearable eruption causes substantial discomfort on its user skin.


Responsible For Miscarriage

For a woman undergoing pregnancy period, consumption of mustard oil is strictly prohibited by medical professionals due to the presence of harmful chemical compound that can harm growing fetus. Consumption of mustard oil during pregnancy period is a big reason for miscarriage of an infant.


Causes Rhinitis

Consumption of food prepared with mustard oil in excess amount can cause rhinitis which results in inflammation of mucous membrane. Symptoms like coughing, sneezing, post nasal drip, watery nose and stuffy nose gives indication of rhinitis which is somehow controllable when its symptoms are well recognized at initial stages of this complexion.



These are the most common side effects of consuming mustard oil in form of food or using it in other ways. However, you must limit is consumption right now and start preparing food from health cooking oil like safola which are now easily available in the market because such cooking oil promotes good heart health and other health benefits.

consuming mustard oil

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