How Banana Oil Is Useful For Your Skin And Hair?

Banana Oil Is Useful For Your Skin And Hair

Banana is a delicious fruit that offers outstanding health benefits to its consumer. Like banana, its oil too is very beneficial for health as it is an essential incorporation of various hair masks, moisturizers, scents and creams. It is believed that banana oil is ideally prepared at factories only but it is not totally true as you can easily prepare banana oil at your home by making use of banana peels. You can make this banana peel placing the small pieces of banana in a plastic bag followed by its thorough beating until it become moist.  Now, fill the jar with beaten banana peels and small amount of almond oil and then placing it in sunshine for few days. The filtered oil from the peels is now ready and it offers following amazing benefits to your skin and health:-

Skin Benefits Of Banana Oil

Remove Dry Skin Problem:-

Banana oil is too much beneficial for removing dry and flaky skin problem. Banana oil gives deep nourishment to dry skin by bringing the PH level of the skin to normal level.

Cures dry and cracked skin

Good Moisturizer:

Banana oil is a superb skin moisturizer that produces amazing effects not only to outer skin but also to the deeper skin layers too. Banana oil also repairs the chapped skin and keeps it hydrated for longer time interval.

Good Moisturizer

Gives Sun Protection:-

Banana oil gives good sun protection to the skin and safeguards skin against dryness and dullness of skin aroused due to sun exposure. Banana oil produces reversing effect on dry skin and reduces sun damages to great extent.

Sun Exposure

Good Anti-ageing Agent:-

Banana oil is a good anti-ageing agent that prevents the skin against premature skin ageing. Banana oil on skin regenerates the dead skin cells once again and gives natural glow to the dry and rough skin.


Reduces Wrinkles And Lines On Face:-

Banana oil is very helpful in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines on facial skin. It tightens the skin cells and tissues and triggers the formation of collagen fibers in skin. Banana oil is a perfect oil to give young, radiant and supple look to old skin of an individual.


Good Skin Toner:

Banana oil is a good skin toner that removes the signs of acne, scars and blemishes from skin comfortably. Regular use of banana oil on facial skin makes the skin free from blemishes, pigmentation and age spots without causing any other side effect to the health or skin of its user.

Do not forget to tone the skin

Makes Skin Fairer:

Use of banana oil to a facial skin gives 2 shades fairness to a dull looking facial skin. In fact, banana oil stops the production of an enzyme called “Eumelanin ” which is responsible for darkening the skin. Banana oil gives a bright skin tone and prevents the growth of bacteria’s on dead skin.

Promotes Fair skin

Maintains Skin Elasticity:-

Banana oil is very much helpful in maintaining the elasticity of damaged skin cells. It offers all major nutrients which are needed for a healthy skin. Banana oil richness in Vitamin C and B6 maintains the skin cells integrity thereby lowering the chances of skin infections comfortably.

Skin Elasticity

Prevents Oxygen Free Skin Damage:-

Banana oil is highly rich in anti-oxidants and manganese that safeguards the skin against the damage caused by oxygen free radicals. Presence of manganese in excess also prevents the skin from premature ageing.

Prevents Oxygen Free Skin Damage

Banana Oil Benefits For Hair

Good For Dry Hair:-

For a person having dry and weak hair, regular massage of scalp with banana oil gives better result in giving relief from common hair problems. Banana oil proves to be an effective hair smoothening remedy to treat all major and minor hair problems.

dry hair

Good Conditioner:

Banana oil is an amazing conditioner that offers deep conditioning to dull and dry hair which it attains by restoring the normal PH level of scalp.

Conditioning your hair

Removes Dandruff Problem:

Banana Oil emerges to be a natural dandruff removal that makes the hair dandruff free due to its richness in Vitamin B6 and vitamin C.  It maintains the good health of scalp without giving any harm to hair.

Eliminating Dandruff

Removes Oiliness:

Banana oil is too much beneficial in reducing oiliness of scalp and removes the dryness of hair comfortably. Regular massage of scalp with banana oil maintains longevity of hair and promotes hair growth.

oily hair

Makes Hair Frizz Free:-

Banana oil is found to be very effective in making hair manageable and frizz-free. Massage of scalp with banana oil provides volume and lusture to dull and thin hair thereby protecting hair cuticles and keratin against hair damage like frizz on hair.

Taming Frizzy Hair

Reduces Hair Loss Issue:-

Banana oil promotes hair growth and removes hair loss problem from its root cause. Banana oil plays a vital role in giving utmost strength to hair roots and prevents hair thinning.

Fights Hair Loss

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