10+ Hot Nail Art Style And Trends

Hot Nail Art Style And Trends

Fashion is an ever-changing thing and our fashion gurus are leaving no stones unturned to explore creativity with nails and nail arts. Nail arts have been a huge rage last year and the fashion gurus are ready with some of the most amazing nail arts that you probably haven’t thought of till now. The mantra this year however; probably is creativity in simplicity, as you will get to see all sorts of nail arts – from vibrant to subdued, but all with a touch of simplicity in them. So, make sure that you check these out.

Here Are 10+ Hot Nail Art Style And Trends:

Silver Lining

Nude nails with a thin strip of silver nail polish lining one side of the nail vertically is about to become a hot trend this year. However; you don’t have to stick to the same rule and you can get really creative here with the alignment of the nail polish strip. Now forget the days when you had to spend hours and hundreds at the parlor of a nail artist, as you will now be able to sport a chic look like this all by yourself.

Silver lining

Half Moon

Bring the moon into your life with your nails, with this amazing and unique nail art. Pretty simple yet fun and girly, all you will have to do to get the style is either pain your entire nail sans the half-moon region or leave the entire nail bed empty with the half-moon region painted.

Half Moon

Crystal Dots

Observed for the very first time at the spring fashion show of Houghton, this nail art comprises of just crystal stickers and pale nail polish. Absolutely fuss-free and edgy, the crystal dotted nail art is seriously impressive.

Crystal dots

Blue U

Why settle for any tricky and complex nail art when you can settle for something simple yet striking, daring and unique as this. The Spring Fashion show at Rodarte unveiled the unique pattern and we are simply loving it!

Blue U

Linen Nail

Start your summers with the most comfortable fabric – linen and complement you nails with the same style with this fabulous yet simple to recreate nail art, inspired from Wes Gordon’s 2015 Spring Fashion show.

Linen nail

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Marbled Nails

Who wants vibrantly colored nails? Well we all do and the style was perfectly explored at Degen’s Spring Fashion Show 2015. Models adorned brightly colored nails but none with carefully painted patterns. The marbled pattern is so casual and fun that you will never stop loving it.

Marbled nails

Alphabet Nails

You think you have explored many crazy ideas with nail arts? It’s time to get crazier and bolder, as this year, Libertine has showed us how to sport dazzling and bold alphabets on our nails. Get creative ladies!

Alphabet nails

Ikkat Patterned Nails

Ikkat is a popular weaving method that is indigenous to Orissa in India. Fashion gurus have this waving pattern imprinted on nails this year and this is looking really pretty. Do make sure to try it out.

Ikkat patterned nails


Are you tired with the same old dirty looking nail arts that tried to include the universe in a nail? Well you can now get a respite with this beautifully drawn, neat and edgy nail art.


Pearly Nails

If you have been missing some jeweled designs in this list, you will now be quenched. Try out this simple pearly nail art by simply scattering some tiny pearls or beads over your painted nails. Do this immediately after painting nails, so that the pearls stick.

Pearly nails

Gold Leaf Nail

Last but not the least, gold is sure to remain one of the hot favorites this year too, as Badgley Mischka had her models’ nails painted in a beautiful and pretty textured pattern with golden nail polish.

Gold leaf nail

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