10 Hair Mistakes That Every Bride Should Avoid On Her Wedding Day

Hair Mistakes

All the women wait for their entire life for that one big day to come into their lives where they what to look the best, and nothing less ha a celebrity. We have a lot of looks pre-decided in our minds and want to look absolutely perfect on that day because all the eyes just stay on the bride. The hairstyle, outfit make-up, jewellery are the most talked topics during a marriage especially by the women out there attending the wedding! But often there are days when our looks turn into a total disaster and people notice disasters more than anything. So here are some common mistakes that the brides make and ruin their hairstyles. So keep these points into account and avoid these on your big day!

Here Are The 10 Hair Mistakes That Every Bride Should Avoid On Her Wedding Day:

Throw Those Cheap Hair Switches And Extensions Away

Most of the women hire parlour ladies in order to get the dressed on their wedding day. But if you are planning to attach extensions or switches, ensure that the quality is good. Pick hair extensions and switches that match your original hair colour because it should create an illusion of your own hair and not fake hair! And stay away from cheap quality switches. Parlour people have very bad quality switches, so do not agree to put them, rather hunt a bit and pick something good yourselves or hire very good professional people if you want to play with switches and extensions.

Throw those cheap hair switches and extensions away

Avoid The Super High Puff

This is one of the common mistakes that the brides make! When there is a height difference between the bride and the groom, often the brides pick the high puff hairstyle to match the groom’s height and look a bit taller. They make the puff really high and that look disgusting! Yes you will match the groom’s height but you are going to look disastrous. Hence if you are going for a puff hairstyle, try and keep the puff to a decent level and not like a high mountain.

Avoid the super high puff

Use The Fresh Flowers Wisely

Yes fresh flowers look extremely beautiful and gorgeous! You are going to look like an absolute princess if you use fresh flowers in your hairstyle! But you have to be really wise when you pick these because the entire look will be ruined if the flowers turn stale. Pick the flowers that stay fresh for a long time and pick the ones which will stay as it is for a very long time. Also ask some of your friend to keep a small spray bottle filled with water and spray a little water on the flowers every hour for them to stay fresh and beautiful!

Use the fresh flowers wisely

Use Loads Of Bobby Pins

Most of the brides opt for heavy and pattern hairstyles for their wedding day. But the look will be ruined if any of the layers falls open. That thing may just disturb the mood and glow of the bride. Hence it is very necessary to secure your hairstyle with a lot of bobby pins for the beautiful hairstyle to stay in place. Do not be compromise on these pins!

Use loads of bobby pins

Avoid Too Bright And Bold Hair Colours

Although in your real life you are a fashion addict or a party animal, keep your hair colour a bit simple and decent on the wedding day. Do not go for hair colours like bold red, bright maroon, extreme golden blonde etc. They do look really fashionable when doe in the daily routine but won’t suit the occasion of marriage. You have to look decent and pretty during your big day and these bright colours will make you look extremely opposite. If you love hair colours opt for something decent such as a light copper red, light brown which make you look the sweetest on your day!

Avoid too bright and bold hair colours

Create A Patterned Hairstyle

Okay admit it, that you want to look the prettiest on this day! And want all the eye balls on you and only you. But this won’t happen if you leave your hair loose open and do not go for any hairstyle. It’s your wedding and not some birthday party! You have to try something different and new which will add value to your entire look. There are a lot of patterns a bride can opt for to suit her outfit and face shape. So experiment with some of those pretty hairstyles and don’t opt for a simple open hair look.

Create a patterned hairstyle

Stay Away From Messy Curls

Although the messy hairstyle is pretty much in trend currently and look super sexy but you do not have to go t a beach. It’s your wedding so you need to opt for something decent and neat. Of-course, a messy hairstyle on your wedding day will definitely look shabby and people might feel that you haven’t really paid attention to your hair. So stay away from messy hair for your big day and also avoid very curly hairstyles. Curly hairstyles usually reduce the hair length; hence if you want your tresses to look long like a rapunzel, then do not go for tight curls.

Stay away from messy curls

Cheap Hair Accessories: Your Biggest Enemy

I personally have seen a lot of brides putting some cheap accessories in their hair. The outfits and the make-up have been really beautiful, but often these cheap accessories grab attention and become your worst enemy. Try something elegant as far as hair accessories are concerned. Pearl veils, maang tika etc look so elegant on your hair so go for these. Stay away from ugly cheap diamond accessories, fake flowers etc.

Cheap hair accessories

Do Not Forget To Take Trials

Most of the women are so busy in the pre-marriage facials, body waxing, hair massages, body massages and what not that they often forget to take hairstyle trials! You have to visit the salon, decide with the stylist what do you want for your marriage and take those trials there and then! There might be number of hairstyles you like on the brochure but aren’t sure how would it look on you! So do not take the risk of creating that hairstyle on your wedding day for the first time. Take trails and be sure of how you would look on the wedding day!

Do not forget to take trials

Do Not Over-spray

Keep in mind to inform the hair-stylist not to over-spray. The hair sprays are definitely needed to hold the hairstyle in its place, but a required quantity would be enough. Often the hair stylists over spray as if any layer falls out of place, it is they who are going to be blamed. But do have a word with them about the sprays. Most of the people have tied up hair in the marriage ceremony where the sprays are used and then the brides opt for open hairstyles during the reception. If both the functions are on the same day, and the hair-spray is over used in the morning ceremony then by the evening you are going to look nothing less than a bird’s nest! So be cautious of these sprays.

Do not over-spray

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