7 Tips To Get Super Healthy Shiny Hair Naturally And Cheaply

Healthy Shiny Hair

All of us want to have a very beautiful shiny hair. But it may not be possible for all the time because of various reasons like sunlight, dust, pollution, chemical etc. Your hair gets dull and brittle day by day. It also lost its natural shine. In this article I am sharing some unique tips to get super healthy shiny hair naturally and cheaply.

Follow The Steps And Get Shiny Hair In Just Few Weeks:

Avoid The Sun And Pollution:

As the sun ray and pollution is the two main reasons for losing the shine of your hair just avoid these two things. Use scarf or bandana to cover your hair. There is a good stock of designer scarves in the market. This solution will prevent the sunlight and dust as you know prevention is better than cure. Or you may use umbrella when you are stepping out in sun. You can use sunscreen for hair which is available in market.

Avoid The Sun And Pollution

Avoid Harsh Chemicals:

When you are using any hair product try to use the herbal one and avoid harsh chemicals because of the harsh chemicals your hair may lost its shine. Use any herbal shampoo for hair wash or you can use reetha for this purpose.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Break the reethas and boil it in 1 cup of water till it goes half. Rinse your hair with this reetha extract naturally. Avoid chemical colors for coloring your hair and use henna instead of chemical dye as it has no side effects and also it is cheap. Mix henna with coffee and amla powder to dye your hair naturally.

Give A Deep Oil Massage To Your Hair:

Massage your hair with oil. You may use any hair oil like coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, almond oil etc. for massaging. Heat the oil for 2 minutes before apply it to your scalp and your scalp will easily absorb the lukewarm oil. Massage in circular movements as it will improve the blood circulation in scalp and leave it for overnight. On the very next day wash your hair with any mild herbal shampoo. Use this technique thrice in a week.

Give A Deep Oil Massage To Your Hair

If you do this massage few hours before your bath soak a towel in warm water and squeeze excess water from it. Wrap your hair with this towel for 20 minutes and then wash your hair with any mild shampoo. Regular oil massage will help you to get the shine of your hair naturally.

Use Herbal Masks To Get The Shine:

Mix 2 mashed bananas, 2 table spoon of olive oil, 2 table spoon of honey with 2 egg yolks to make a thick paste. Apply this mask in the scalp and allover your hair. Rinse with water followed by any herbal shampoo.

Use Herbal Masks To Get The Shine

You can use another mask too. Take 1 cup of mashed papaya. Mix 2 table spoon of honey and 2 table spoon of sour curd with it. Apply it on your hair for half an hour and rinse thoroughly with water. You will get the desired shine and a soft hair naturally. You can use this masks at least once in a week as you will get a shiny hair naturally.

Try A Natural Conditioner To Get The Extra Shine:

Boil tea leaves in water and strain the liquor. Leave it to remain cool. Mix juice of 1 lemon into it. Rinse your hair with this natural conditioner after the shampoo. It will give you the desired shine to your hair.

Try A Natural Conditioner To Get The Extra Shine

You can also use beer as a conditioner to get shine in your hair. Mix 1 lemon juice in 1 cup of beer and rinse your hair with this. Regular use of this conditioner will give you a bouncy and shiny hair naturally.

Develop A Good Food Habit:

Include green vegetables, milk, tofu, yoghurt, soyabean etc in your daily diet as these foods are good for your hair. Milk proteins are important for hair growth and the shine of the hair. Drink plenty of water in a whole day as it will improve the blood circulation in scalp.

Develop A Good Food Habit

Go For A Hair Spa For Shiny Hair:

You can try for hair spa as it will help you to get back the shine of your hair naturally. Just go to a salon and choose any of the shine enhancing spas for your hair. This professional treatment is very helpful for you as you want shiny hair. Few sitting to the salon will solve your problem. If you don’t have so much of time to go for a salon for hair spa, you can take a hair spa in you home with natural ingredients.

Go For A Hair Spa For Shiny Hair

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