7 Steps To Get Rid Of Gunpowder Tattoo Marks From The Skin

Gunpowder Tattoo Marks

Gunpowder or temporary tattoo stains occur because of embedment produced by gunpowder grains on a person’s skin, similar to a tattoo. This takes place because of gunpowder’s charcoal, left unaffected by tissue’s fluids. Methods for the removal of gunpowder stains have been materialized because of frequent and recurrent appearance of such stains. It can be done initially by the removal of the skin where the stain is present.

Tattoo Marks

Though removing of gunpowder stains takes a lot of time and energy but the procedure can be utilized. By the application of energy, like electric current and caustics, one can remove the gunpowder stains. This entire process can be done at home and you don’t need too many ingredients for the same. Here are some ingredients that you will need Pepsin, Papain, Glycerole, Carbolic acid, Antiseptic, Ammonium chloride and low voltage electric current.

Here Are The 7 Steps To Get Rid Of Gunpowder Tattoo Marks From The Skin:


Apply heat current on the area using a blow dryer or a similar mode. One can also use caustics for the removal of gunpowder stains. When destruction of the skin takes place because of tattooing or using of gunpowder, the skin becomes different. So, destruction has to be extended with the electric current, excess heat and caustics. This allows the color to get removed and thus the removal of gunpowder stains from one’s skin.


Pepsin And Papain

Use papain and pepsin, as a part of recent application process for removing of gunpowder stains. This removes the stain or the mark from the cuticle or the roots. These are available easily in medical stores or even super markets.

Pepsin and papain


Put tattoo glycerole on the skin where the disfigured skin has appeared. This operation is a proven success. It doesn’t take much of time, but you will get immediate results.


Dermatological Aid

Take help of your dermatologists as the last resort, when other methods fail for the removal of stains. All the above steps of treatment follow with suppuration, causing a scarring risk. Therefore, take help from your dermatologist for the process of surgery. Professional assistance would cause less pain and suffering than that performed by an amateur for the removal of stains caused by gunpowder, sometimes evening disfiguring the skin further on. Remember that you can try the above procedure at home without side effects, but in some stubborn stains, results are difficult.

Dermatological aid


Apply carbonic acid in small quantities on the skin, like one would remove the stain from one’s skins. This would cause certain amount of discomfort to the person, but make sure you follow instructions. A mild tingling or burning sensation can be experienced.


Rub the skin area with the use of ammonium chloride on a daily basis, once or twice. This would cure and do the removal of gunpowder stain slowly and gradually.



Apply a compression made by antiseptic every night. This method might aid in the removal of gunpowder stains but rather slowly. Also, make sure that you use a cooling or soothing agent like Aloe vera.

Factors To Consider

Apart from the above, make sure that you keep the skin area clean before applying any kind of removal process. While doing the process by oneself, try to follow all steps efficiently and aptly, as any miss would cause heightened problem to your skin. Use appropriate and medicated solutions only. Take the help of some people, who knows about such process of removing gunpowder stains.  Difficulty of gunpowder stain removal can cause discomfort, therefore one has to have patients and will power to take it all. Use some professional help, especially from a medical practitioner, as he or she would know about all the required medicines and solution for the application process.

Factors To Consider

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