5 Simple Fitness Tips For Maintaining Healthy Weight

Maintaining Healthy Weight

To live longer and to live healthy one has to incorporate a fitness plan and no fitness plan is complete without a good dose of physical exercise or physical activity. Regular exercise will reduce stress helps in proper blood function and will energise you. By following a fitness regime you will also be able to maintain your body weight and also enhance your self esteem.

Healthy Weight

A weight loss guide does not need to have hardcore strenuous exercise; these can also have fun activities like aerobics or some dance lesson to keep you fit and active throughout the day. Before beginning a fitness plan one has to understand that these fitness regimes cannot be enforced it has to come naturally from within.

Here Is A Step By Step Guide:

1. Make Fitness A Part of Everyday

Everyday activities and small lifestyle changes can make you fitter, like taking stairs instead of the lift, walking a mile from work, probably riding a bike to the office once a week taking a dance lesson at home. Another idea would be to have friends over together for an exercise or yoga class. Make your backyard your playground and exercise out there for a change. Dieting is a myth and these starvations reduce your metabolism and can cause gastric ulcers. Opt for the diet free regime, eat healthy and workout daily to get fit.

Make Fitness A Part of Everyday

2. Set Goals

You should set goals for yourself and by on accomplishing them you can reward yourself. For instance you like to watch a particular soap so instead of sitting and watching it why not use the treadmill at home or do spot jogging or exercises even as you watch. Understand the amount of weight you want to lose or even inches. Are there are any particular target areas that you want to focus on? Evaluating these factors helps you set a realistic yet achievable goal.

Set Goals

3. Make A Fitness Plan

A good fitness plan can be made with the help of online assistance as the net is flooded with various fitness portals. So why not try to incorporate these fitness plans at home. Start off with a home aerobics routine. Run up and down the stairs or get an aerobics stepper. Aerobics is an advanced form of stretches and strengthens your muscles. This can be followed by toning, which includes weight training to build strong muscle and improve your metabolism.

Make A Fitness Plan

4. Avoid Dieting

Dieting is not the correct way to lose weight fast. Dieting restrict your body from getting all the vital nutrients and lose good health in the long run. However, this doesn’t work out in the long run because an individual cannot stay away from a particular form of food for life. It is way too much sacrifice and self restrain just to shed some extra kilos. By adopting dieting you also lose not only your appetite but also the interaction with the society and other people. Why? This is because; you will not be attending parties and invitation just because you are on a diet. And even if you do attend you will only be craving to eat with all the people relishing delicacies in front of your eyes.

Avoid Dieting

5. Eating Right

Aim and have smaller meals or portions of the dish an individual enjoys. Pre plan your eating schedule. Make sure to reduce the in between and unhealthy, junky meals and replace it with healthy stuff. Replacement of fizzy, soda drinks with water or low calorie smoothies are suggested. Cut down alcohol intake and if you have to consume alcohol have red wine, which is healthier. Stay away from or avoid second helpings. Have small portions if required. Reduce intake of sugar especially in tea and coffee. In this reference honey is a healthier alternative compared to artificial sweeteners

Eating Right

To top it all begin your day with a fruit and see the results soon!

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