Fantastic 5 Makeup Tips For Different Lip Shapes

Makeup Tips For Different Lip Shapes

A make up either light or heavy is incomplete without a right type of lip make up. It’s a finishing touch to your whole make-up that can transform your look in a jiffy. Right type of lip make up adds more glamour quotient to your look and can make you look more attractive.

However, a lip make up can’t be same for all as every woman has different lip shape, so lip make up needs to be different accordingly. If a woman has a thin pair of lips then right lip make up can accentuate the shape, on the other hand women born with too heavy lips can reduce lip size by perfect lip make up. In other words it brings right balance to your face and enhances your beauty. So if you too want to know what kind of lip make you should go for, just read on.

Here Are The 5 Fantastic Makeup Tips For Different Lip Shapes:

1. Make Up For Thin Lips:

Though thin lips look cool but many women are fond of fuller and heavier lips. So here is the tip how you can accentuate it’s shape. Take a lip liner and draw the outline from bit outside of the natural lip line of your lips and smudge it carefully. Now apply a lighter color to your upper lip and darker color to lower lip. Finally mix everything using a clean and soft lip brush.

Make Up For Thin Lips

2. Make Up For Upper Heavy Lips:

As the name indicates, here upper lip or top lip is bit thicker than the lower lip. Most Indian women have this kind of lips shape. However, here we give you the trick how you can make this kind of lips appear more attractive. Take a lip liner and starts applying from the center and emphasize the outline of both lips. Use a lighter shaded lipstick on the lower lip, while on the upper lip apply the same lip color but a bit darker shade. This will make your upper lip bit thinner and bring a balance to your face.

Make Up For Upper Heavy Lips

3. Make Up For Lower Heavy Lips:

Lower heavy lips looks beautiful but some women ain’t happy with that. In this case lower lip is heavier than the upper one. So here we give you the trick how you can make both the lips look even. Apply a lip color to both of your lips. Next, take a white pencil or creamy matt finished eye shadow and dab in the center of your upper lip. This will create the illusion of a pair of even lips.

 Make Up For Lower Heavy Lips

4. Make Up For Over Large Lips:

Sometime a nice trick can make a bane look like a boon and this is absolutely true when we talk about over large lips. Overlarge lips can be awkward for some women but playing with right color technique can enhance glamour of your face, lets see how. Don’t go for brighter lip shades rather choose soft lip color that has rich matt effect. Another trick is to apply bit of foundation to the edges of the lips to hide the natural line. You can even go with heavier eye make up or focus on cheek make up and to divert the attention from the lips.

 Make Up For Over Large Lips

5. Make Up For Small Lips:

Small lips look cute and you can try almost each type of lipsticks including shiny, frosty, shimmery or glossy. Now let see how you can make small lips appear more cute and attractive. Go for bright but soft lip color and make sure not to use darker shade, for it will make the small lips even smaller.

Make Up For Small Lips

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