Drop 2 Inches On Your Waist With This Powerful De-Bloating Drink

Drop 2 Inches On Your Waist

These days life is quite hectic and everyone’s scheduled is tightly packed. Starting from early morning like dropping kids to school, doing household chores and then leave for work. We hardly get time to make a good breakfast or pack our lunch boxes then we tend to consume junk or unhealthy food that satisfy our taste buds and is filling too. Well, we can’t change the way life treats us but we can surely make a difference in our attitude by changing our lifestyle towards it. Unhealthy eating leads to unwanted weight gain and we start looking shapeless in no time. The most prominent area which looks odd is our belly fat though it’s not a disease in itself, but just a result of our eating habits. We often loose confidence in our self. We can easily overcome from obesity if we take an extra care of our health.

Let’s Learn How To Make This Magical De-bloating Drink And Reduce Belly Fat:


1/2 spoons of turmeric Powder, 1/2 spoon of ginger powder, 4-5 spoons of lemon juice, less than 1/2 spoon of Cayenne pepper(As it will throw heat to body), 1 Litre Luke warm water, Sugary maple syrup(optional – to add flavour and taste).


How To Make

Simply add species to 1 litre bottle of (Luke warm water) and stir nicely so that the species mix nicely and they do not settle at the bottom. Due to the sharp flavour of these ingredient’s, you might not like the taste and would find it difficult to tolerate the drink hence you can add some maple syrup to make it little sweeten in taste.

How to Make

How To Drink

Carry the bottle with you while you are at work and drink it slowly. Do not drink in one shot, you need to finish the drink by the end of the day. You can have your drink with a straw it helps to have it sip by sip while working, believe me it plays with your mind and you will not even realize it when you had finish your drink. 1 litre of water is equivalent to 4 glass of water. Water maintains the required fluids and nutrients in our body which is again good for health. This drink is an excellent remedy for people who wants to get rid of toxins from the body.

How To Drink

Replaces Soft drinks

Though this drink doesn’t taste like your favourite cold drinks but once you start with it and get use to it’s taste, believe me you can’t stop yourself from having it. It’s a good way to replace your routine drink like – coffee(which again has caffeine) , cold drinks or tetra packed juices. You just need to give some time to adjust with your new drink and in no time it will be your favourite drink.

Replaces Soft drinks


It makes you more energetic and you start loving yourself and everyone around you. It boosts your self confidence and you start looking more younger. This De-Bloating drink can really do wonders to your dissolve your belly fat and it has no side effects. It’s a safe and clean drink.


Drink this juice daily to reduce excess belly fat from body. However just keep little patience and allow sometime to your body to get adjusted with a new routine and you will start shedding the extra fats without much of efforts. You can easily reduce up to 2 inches from your waistline in 2 week’s time. It is advisable if you can start exercising or can go for morning walks it will help you to reduce much faster.

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