DIY Tips To Revamp Your Old Shoes!

We all have white shoes or sneakers at home, remember your old school days when you were supposed to wear white shoes on a Wednesday or a Saturday. Left school a while ago, stolen a bundle of memories to cherish for a lifetime and still have lots of attachment with your old school stuff especially with your shoes, but now you can’t carry them while you are out with your friends on a weekend or going for a movie as they will look very ordinary to wear.

Also if you are in your mid ages and are very health conscious or fond of running, jumping and you just purchased a pair of white sneakers out of curiosity to participate in some racing event and now thinking what to do with white shoes how to make best use of these sneakers. Don’t think much we have some interesting ideas that not only gives a new look to your sneakers but also make them very trendy and classy. You just need to be little creative to have a new pair of smart sneakers.

Material Required – A water colour paint of your choice, painting brush, some vibrant coloured sketch pens (like pink,green,yellow,orange), one black sketch pen for outline.

Follow the video and learn how to revamp your white sneakers.

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