DIY Hair Tutorial For Classy Vintage Waves

Wavy hair is both sassy and sexy. Whether you are representing the ladies from the 20s or the fashionable modern woman. Be it the beach or the most sophisticated dinner party, be it the lady of the state or the winning lady horse rider. Wavy hair has its authentic vintage charm that commands attention, admiration and emulates the strong and bold virtues of a woman.

Each individual woman has a distinct and unique personality, the vintage wave style accentuates this very uniqueness in character with grace and beauty of the wavy hairstyle.

To Achieve Such Amazingly Beautiful Vintage Waves Try These Simple Steps, Methods And DIY Ideas.

1. Using A Hair Curling Iron

First, neatly comb your tresses free of all knots and tangles. Divide your hair in sections depending on how tight or loose you want your curls to be.

Prior to curling, make sure your hair is not damp or if you had washed it, let it completely air dry. Well condition and moisturize hair to prevent it from drying or frizzing. Apply some heat preventing hair spray or serum and curl your hair in sections, patiently.

Once, all of your hair strands are curled, loose the curls using a wide bristle brush or a wide tooth comb. Get a very vintage looking curls, wear it as you like with a head band or half tied up. A very casual yet classy style.

Using A Hair Curling Iron

2. Using Hair Rollers

If you are blessed with luscious, long hair, the best way to style your hair is to curl it; using hair rollers to obtain those gorgeous looking vintage waves to do justice to all that volume.

Moisturize and brush your hair thoroughly; comb it into sections and using rollers, roll it above the head. Once all strands have been pulled up, let the rollers set for at least an hour or more as long as it takes for the curls to set. You can use rollers of different sizes depending on how loose or tight you prefer your curls to be. But, if you are blessed with thick and long mane, it’s best to go with big size rollers. You can also use a blow dryer to quickly set the curls if you are running late.

After all the curls be loosened off the rollers, use a hair spray to set all the curls in place. Style the curls as you would prefer. Use a brush to loosen or tease hair in sections to make it look voluminously vintage. Waves so chic and sexy, all heads will turn in your direction wherever you go.

Using Hair Rollers

3. Using Hair Clips To Create The Ultimate Wedding Vintage Wave Hairstyle

Vintage waves are one of the classiest and gorgeous hairstyle for the most memorable event in one’s life. The wedding day! Beautiful, subtle, wavy hair adds a classy touch of finesse to your overall wedding look.

Using a curling iron, curl all your hair to one side. You first need to comb and side set all your hair and go onto curling all of it patiently. Once all curls are set, take each section of curled locks and using hair clips, clip the undulated sections of the locks to achieve sleek, wavy, vintage hairstyle. Use a spray to set all the waves. Then gently remove all the hair clips and voila! A stunningly gorgeous hairdo for the gorgeous bride to be.

Behold, the perfect hairstyle to go with the perfect dress and accessories for the perfect day. Be the happy bride!

Using Hair Clips To Create The Ultimate Wedding Vintage Wave Hairstyle

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