DIY Fashionable Earrings Organizer Rack

Earrings are loved by all age women. It’s a need based accessory, for women. Earrings goes well with an Indian salwar kameez, a saree, one piece dress or a pair of denims and top. Some women prefers only diamond or a gold earrings, while most of the young or mid age girls prefer more of artificial danglers over real gold jewellery as it gives them variety and they can change daily. Best part of these artificial earrings is that it’s an affordable jewellery and when it comes to window shopping, women buy it out of curiosity which makes them happy.

Every women have a jewellery box to intact all her artificial earrings, however keeping them all in one box hampers the earring quality and might cause some breakage too as the danglers gets trap in another piece. Also when you are in a hurry especially during morning time and you look for a matching pair of earrings from the same box you might have to struggle in finding the required pair and you spend double the time. How about having an earring organizer rack which you can make easily at home.

Material Required – A cardboard(that can be folded like a book), a piece of unused cloth, A4 size paper sheets, glue, a needle(to pin), a wire to make small hanger, small punch machine.

Follow this video tutorial and learn how to make earrings organizer rack.

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