DIY Cute Nail Art Using Newspaper!

Having clean nails is one of the traits of a women, no matter you keep them short or big. If you dress up nicely for a party or for work and your hands are untidy or nails are half painted it looks very odd and at times embarrassing too. It reflects a negative personality out of you and then you make a bad image for yourself. It doesn’t means that if you are a women you need to paint your finger nails for sure, some women loves to only keep it simple without any paint. However if you choose to paint them make sure they are in proper shape and nicely trimmed. You can apply a paint of your choice or go for a nail art design.

Nail art is so much of fun, it suits every nail big or small. These days casual nail art designs are so much in fashion. It can easily be done from a nail art gallery you just need to have deeper pockets to afford a casual fashion matching your favourite outfit. However if you are fashion freak and loves some creativity you can do simple nail arts at home also, how about giving your nails a newspaper print it looks super cool and can be done easily in 5-7 minutes.

Material Required – A mid toned nail paint(turquoise blue/green or white) , top coat nail paint, 10 strips of small newspaper cutting, water and a cotton bud.

Follow this video tutorial and learn how to get cute nail art from newspaper.

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