DIY 60s Classic Updo Hair Tutorials

The Bouffant bun style or the classic beehive updo hairstyle which was very popular among the ladies in the 60s, is still popular in today’s age and time. Although like every other style it too has undergone many alteration and upgradation, yet it the most classy and sassy hairstyle. Be it the red carpet or any casual occasion, we will notice our favorite celebrities flaunting it in style. We often look up to our favorite celebrities for stylish, unique hair-spiration and without fail we are left awestruck and wishing we could wear a similar look too.

But its not too late to wish and be granted what you seek. There is always one updo hairstyle for each particular occasion. They can be worn well by any woman, lady or girl, whether you are blessed with short hair or long hair. Gather loads of pins and hairspray to set each strand in place. Grab your hair brushes, irons and prepare to learn the simplest of methods behind, making up such a stately and elegant hairtyle.

Here Are 3 Different Tutorials In Pulling Up 3 Different Bouffant Or Updo Haistyles, Inspired By The Classic 60s:

Tutorial 1

Half Updo Hairstyle

Whether you have mid length hair, long or short. You can attempt this chic hair-do by following the few simple steps as demonstrated.

It would be easier if you have naturally straight hair and neat framing front bangs. Thoroughly brush your hair and neatly segregate mid section of your hair where you would prefer your half up do to be neatly set. Hold the section high above your head, firmly holding its ends and gently back comb the inner sections of the hair as shown. Using hair pins firmly secure the puffed section of the hair right in place.

Neatly comb and set the rest of your hair framing your face. You could also curl your hair at the ends for a more stylish look. In just 6 simple steps you have a classy yet chic hairstyle, suitable for all occasions.

Half Updo Hairstyle

Tutorial 2

Inspired By The Classy Beehive Updo

Here’s another classy look from the past. Elegantly beautiful and enchanting the classic beehive bun. Better keep a hairspray at your hand’s reach, to tuck in all stray strands. Neatly, divide hair into 3 sections. Make an elevated puff look with the middle section, secure the hair firmly in place. Comb the front section and part it either on the center or either side that looks best on you. Then neatly pull all hair on the sides and secure it in place using more hair pins. Once the bouffant look is created, pull all hair into a bun of your choice of style and the classic beehive bouffant bun look is achieved successfully.

This sleek, classy and chic look is perfect for all formal occasion, be it at the red carpet or a cocktail party. Do not be hesitant to give this hairstyle a try, it is worth the effort.

Inspired By The Classy Beehive Updo

Tutorial 3

How To Make That Bouffant Ponytail

This be the last but not the least way to modify your plain ponytail. Inspired by the bouffant style of the 60s here comes the modern ponytail.

To achieve this look, you need to neatly comb and divide your hair into sections as demonstrated. With the first section gently back comb your hair, that is comb towards the roots; this will enable the hair to appear puffed up. Pull all your hair into a ponytail using a hair band neatly, with all hair neatly tied in. Take a thick strand of hair and wound it around your thin hair band to cover it neatly.

Best suited for any casual occasion or simply attending classes, to work, etc.

The Updo hairstyle was one of the most popular hairstyle fashion trend in the 60s. It is yet influential in the present fashion and style scenario. It has been evolved and modified in many ways. These 3 DIYs are the simplest, most possible up do hairstyles anybody can do. So simple and easy, and yet adds a sophisticated and elegant look that is ought to add a charm to your look and leave others in awe and wonder of you. Do give it a try to achieve the best of looks for yourself.

How to make that Bouffant Ponytail