Cool Make-up Tips For 8 Types Of Coloured Hair

Make-up Tips For 8 Types Of Coloured Hair

One of the most happening and cool ideas to transform your boring look is to colour your hair with exciting hues. It helps to add an extra edge to your oomph factor in a jiffy. However don’t forget while you got a chic look with your colored tresses, your ‘make up’ needs a make over too.

Since the task of ‘make up’ is to highlight your best features, while son the other hand it even covers up the face- flaws. So your make up must need to be in tune with your colorful mane to turn out the best look in you or else all your effort will go in vain no matter how gorgeous or trendy hair colour you have got.

Hence varying from blond to brunette or black, each type of hair color needs different set of make up mantra.Therefore if you are not sure about what type of make up will suit your hair color, then don’t miss this article.

Here Are The Make-up Tips For 8 Types Of Coloured Hair:

Blond Hair Make Up :

Blonde girls tend to look washed out for the lack f proper make up hence you need to be cautious while you make up. For face go for bronzer to warm up your skin tone and apply it on your forehead, cheeks and chin as well but make sure to keep it light. To add hue to your cheeks go for peach pink, berry blush but with a light touch. Define your eyes with blue, taupe or grey liners while for eye-lids you may opt for pale pink, ash colored shadows along with brown mascara. Finish off your make up with light or medium pink lipsticks or crimson red lipstick.

Blond Hair make up

Red Hair Make Up:

As red hair warms your skin tone up so you should bring warmer shades of make up to complement your hair. Neutral or earthy shades go well with red head beauties but you can also play with plums or green to get a bolder look. Rosy pink, apricot, light brown blush looks good on red hairs. While for eyes, brown or dark brown eyeliner along with pink, moss green or taupe eye shadows can work well. Top off your make up with neutral shades of lipstick as pinkish brown, or light brown even red can give you a cool look.

Red Hair Make up

Medium Brown Hair:

The benefit of being a brunette is that either you have light or medium brown color almost any set of make up complements your hair colour. But still to bring out the best look, you can follow these tips. To add glow to your face you can opt for bronzer with a touch of pink. Now for blush peach pink, brick shade etc. can look appealing. Outline your eyes with darker brown eye-liner with couple of coats of black mascara and color your eyelid with neutral shades. For lips you can play with red or orange hues to add appeal to your look.

Medium Brown Hair

Gray Hair Make Up:

Gray hair beauties often look pale and drained for the lack of proper make up. Gray haired girls need color pop make up to bring life to their looks and it will also brighten up your skin tone. Colour the apple of your cheeks with apricot, red or light pink blush. For eyes apply navy or slate colored eyeliner along with gray or white eye shadows on your eye lids. To sum up your make up paint your lips with red, pink or coral lipstick.

Gray hair make up

Black Hair Make Up:

Black hair looks classy, sensuous and feminine and with proper set of make up you can even accentuate your beauty. Jewel and plum shade eye shadow looks great such dark hair while dusky beauties can opt for opaques. To add hue to your cheeks go for peach or light pink and warm skin tone girls can play with rosy with a hint of golden highlight. Talking about lips what could be a better combo of red saucy lips and mid night dark hair. You can also try cherry color with opaque gloss.

Black hair make up

Caramel Hair Make Up:

If you have chosen your hair color as golden brown or caramel color and if you have a pale complexion then make sure to use neutral and bright colors to prevent the drained or dull look. Outline your eyes with brown liners and team up it with ivory, beige or light brown shadows on eyelids. Color your cheek bones with soft pink or coral blush. Choose neutral shades of lipsticks for your lips with a swatch of pink gloss.

Caramel Hair make up

Honey Hair Make Up:

With this hair natural make goes best as you can choose a soft colored eye shadow with the touch of golden shimmer. For eyeliner try brown, green or violet color with coats of mascara to bring life to your looks. Add peach pink blush to your cheek bones while keep the lip nude with pink shades of lipstick with a swatch of gloss.

Honey hair make up

Magenta Hair Make Up:

As magenta itself gives a stand out look hence keep your make up light to balance the look. During day time you can try kohled eyes along with nude lip shades. While at night, outline your eyes with brown or black liner with thin line. Bronzer or blush is personal preference but keep it light and for lips go for pink or red shades.

Magenta hair make up