5 Essential Concealer Application Tips To Hide Skin Imperfections

Concealer Application Tips To Hide Skin Imperfections

Although we always crave for blemish-free skin, it is quite hard to keep the dark spots, acne scars and dark circles away from our face. Hence, hiding the blemishes with concealers is the easiest option to appear flawless. However, simply slathering concealer on the troubled spots on your face will not work if you do not apply it the right way. A poorly applied concealer creates unsightly blotches on your face that instead of enhancing your complexion spoils it. Therefore, before applying concealer, make sure that you know the basics of the concealer application technique.

Here Are The 5 Essential Concealer Application Tips To Hide Skin Imperfections:

Select The Right Concealer

The most common mistake that we tend to make with concealers is that we select a concealer that does not match our skin tone. The shade of the concealer should be same as the shade of your foundation. If you have oily to normal skin, select liquid concealer with matte finish. The stick or creamy concealers are ideal for the dry skin.

Select The Right Concealer

Apply Foundation First

Most of us are often in a quandary whether we should apply concealer first and then follow up with foundation or vice versa. As foundation helps in evening out the skin tone, it is always advisable to first apply foundation. When you apply concealer after applying foundation, a small amount will be enough to cover the blemishes.


Peach Colored Concealer For Dark Circles

To cover the dark circles, use a peach or orange colored concealer. Avoid concealers with yellowish shade as they make the under eye area dull. With your ring finger apply a small amount of liquid concealer on the under eye area. Wet a sponge and squeeze to remove the excess water. Take a little loose powder on the damp sponge and dab it on the concealer.

use concealer

Concealer And Highlighter For Puffy Eyes

Concealer alone cannot cover the puffy eyes. For perfect coverage, blend a small amount of highlighter with the liquid concealer and apply the mixture on the puffy area under the eye.

Treats puffy eyes

Hide Pimple With Green Concealer

Use a green concealer pencil to cover the zits on your face. It helps in neutralizing the red color of the pimple. Next apply a small amount of liquid concealer that matches your foundation shade to hide the pimple.

Hide Pimple With Green Concealer

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