Amazing Things These 7 Lipstick Shades Tell About A Woman

 Lipstick Shades Tell About A Woman

Lipstick A common product used by women for makeup or is it not just makeup but something beyond that which tells you about the person, her personality and nature.

Whether it’s a blazing red or a mild pink or a dark brown every shade of lipstick speaks volumes about the person that has put the shade on. Whether the woman is passionate and fiery or is she conservative and sedate or is he outgoing and extrovert and loves accepting challenges, a lot of woman’s personality is revealed in the shade of lipstick she is wearing.

So Let’s Look At What Different Shades Say About A Woman:

1. Bright Pink:

The color indicates that you have a extrovert and friendly nature, your life is full of enthusiasm and you approach even mundane tasks of life with joy and curiosity, whether its watching a soap opera with friends or changing the diapers of your child you accomplish it with a smile that’s infectious for the people around you.

Bright Pink

2. Berry:

This shade is a sign that you are confident and outgoing. You know what is happening around you and are in complete control of the events around you .when someone needs advise on a trivial or a serious matter they first turn to you. You speak your mind and that could have caused you a lot of trouble with people around you but that’s what you are and this shade is a indicator of that.


3. Red:

Well the color red or more flaming version of it tells the world that you are passionate and ready to take on the challenges of the world. You have a confidence that speaks for itself and you are not afraid to be different and for woman who have a lack of faith in themselves red color can add oodles of confidence.

Red also indicates that you love vintage and have a interest in anything belonging to the early era.


4. Violet:

This color s an indicator that you are wall of strength you are the emotional support of your family and friends and the person people turn to when in crisis . You love your family and dear ones and can go to any length to protect them.


5. Lip Balm:

Your understatement about the color tells a lot about your personality. You do not have time for petty issues or gossip .You prefer to spend your time doing useful things and being productive. You are active in social and community causes and well aware of all that is happening in the world. You are the first to come to help of any person in need and always ready to come to rescue of an someone in need.


6. Gloss:

You are the first to move your body to the rhythm of a song in a party. You wish that you should have been a star the spotlight is always on you because you know everything that is there to know about the latest fashion the fastest cars or the latest music. All this means that you are full of the pleasures that life has to offer and enjoy your life to the hilt.


7. Soft Pink:

You are the one whose childhood has remained intact in you but that does not make you childish in fact you are confident and secure about your life. You have lived your live and moved on in your journey and prefer to sit and watch while others do immature stuff .You are mature and confident and willing to trust a person with your life if you believe in them.


So the next time you see a woman wearing a different shade or daring color you know that there is something much deeper to her choice of shade than just makeup .