Top 10 Amazing Techniques To Do A Perfect Cheshire Cat Makeup

Techniques To Do A Perfect Cheshire Cat Makeup

Are you getting ready for a Halloween party? Why not try a Cheshire cat makeup this time. It is amazing makeup trend inspired by the Cheshire cat of Alice in Wonderland Story. This makeup is very famous for doing in Halloween parties when you want to look different and haunted. It is very easy to do at home and gives you a new bubbly and naughty look. You just need to follow the simple techniques to do a perfect Cheshire cat makeup. It is basically playing with different bright colors which give a neon kind of shade. It is a fantasy style of makeover.

Here Are Some Of The Amazing Techniques To Do A Perfect Cheshire Cat Makeup:

Funky Hairstyle:

First of all, you have to start with the hairstyle. Your hair should have volume and look fluffy. You have to dye your hairs with a particular neon shade of pink, green or blue color. As you know it is a Halloween based fantasy style of makeup so you cannot go with your natural shade of color. Take a color and dye your hair so that they look funky. Now turn your head and do some back combing to give perfect volume to hair. If you don’t want to color your hair then you can simply go to the market and purchase a colorful wig for your Cheshire cat makeup.

Funky Hairstyle

Light Foundation:

Since you are going to wear a fantasy makeup then, you should use a light tone of foundation. It will help you look more dramatic. You will have to take a good quality foundation because it the base of your makeup and you have to wear several other things upon it.

Light Foundation

Colored Eye Brows:

Now the next step is to define your beautiful eyebrows according to the Cheshire cat makeup trend. Take a good quality eye brow pencil of pink or green color. Now apply it to your eye brows. Remember to make your eyebrows bold and you can even extend the eye brows upside or downwards because you have to look haunted and supernatural. Apply it again to bold the look.

Colored Eye brows

Eye Liner:

For this kind of makeup, you have to take two eyeliners. One of black and other should be colorful. Ensure the quality of the product so that the makeup lasts for longer hours in your Halloween party. Now apply the black eyeliner on your lower eye line and also on the eye lids. Apply it twice to thrice to makeup the look haunted and noticeable. You have to extend the edges to make them more bold. Now take the colorful eyeliner and apply it on your eye lids roughly. You don’t need to give it the perfect shape because it is a fantasy and horror makeup. So just apply it liberally above the eyes and under the eyes. Make 2-3 pointed edges to dramatize the look.

Eye liner

Eye Shadow:

You have to take a good quality neon color eye shadow. You have to apply it liberally on your eyelids as it is the important step in your Cheshire cat makeup. Take a thick brush applicator and apply the eye shadow on your eyelids. You can even apply it outside the eye area like forehead to make the look more haunted.

Eye shadow

Colored Lenses:

This is a very crucial step of your Cheshire cat makeup. Without the usage of contact lenses of bright color, you cannot get the exact look of Cheshire cat. You have to make your eyes look very haunted and appealing as the name suggests. Now take neon color contact lenses of pink of blue color and wear them in your eyes.

Colored Lenses

Eye Lashes:

You have to enhance you eyelashes to make them more thick and big. For this purpose you can take a good quality branded mascara. Apply it twice on the eyelashes to make the look very impressive. But this is not just enough for the eye makeup. Take a felt tip eye liner of black color. With this you have to draw black lines on your upper cheek bones as if there are eye lashes. You have to literally draw the eyelashes. This is just a perfect finish to your eye makeup.

Eye Lashes

Nose Makeup:

Since you are carrying a look of a cat, you cannot go with your human look of nose. You have to define your nose as of a cat. You can take the same shade of eye shadow and apply it to the edges of your nose. Apply it on the both the edges and darken in on the nose tip. You will look really cute. Now take a black and a white liner and draw the false moustaches on the area under the nose. This is the best tip of getting a perfect Cheshire cat makeup easily. Your look will gonna rock the party.

Nose Makeup

Broad Lips:

This is also the very crucial step of Cheshire cat makeup. You have to take the black liner and draw a very big mouth as of a cat. Color your lips black and simple extend them from the sides up to the ears. This is very main step because the Cheshire cat possesses a very big and teethed mouth. Now take a white liner and make the teeth.

Broad Lips

Eared Fantasy Band:

You have to take a fancy long eared band from the market. You can easily get it from the shops which sell fancy dress items. This gives a look of cat. Just take a color suited to your makeup and wear it on your head, in the party.

Eared Fantasy Band