Amazing Nutrition Plans For Weight Gain

Nutrition Plans For Weight Gain

Are you an underweight person and wants to gain weight? Are you satisfied with your physique? Do you really want to attract everyone with your attractive personality if the answer of all these questions is yes then definitely you must feel yourself as a depressed person. However, there is no need to worry about your underweight issue as by just following healthy nutritious meal plan in your regular diet.

Preliminary Steps For Weight Gain

If you’re suffering from underweight issue then first of all, it is very essential for you to identify the cause of your underweight problem. However, many times, underweight problem arouses due to certain factors like anxiety, depression and improper medications as such factors hampers weight gain and makes one health prone to diseases.  After identifying the cause of your underweight problem, you must seek fine solution like following yoga exercises, listening favorite music, reading books and novels etc to overcome your stress, depression. Once you succeeded in removing your reason for underweight completely, you’ll start achieving positive result in your weight gain by following high energy diet plan regularly.

Diet Required To Be Followed For Weight Gain

Full Cream Milk:-

Drinking 750-1000ml of full cream i. e. around 3-4 cups of milk is highly recommended for an underweight person who wants to gain his or her weight at a fast rate.

Full Cream Milk

Protein Rich Foods:-

Consumption of 90g-150g protein rich foods like meat, fish, egg and other protein supplements are very effective in removing the underweight problem completely and to achieve muscle gain.

Protein Rich Foods


Consumption of cereals and bread amount to approx 8-12 serving must be included in a daily diet plan.


Fruits And Vegetables:-

For a healthy body and accomplishment of weight gain program, consumption of around 3-5 serving of fruits and vegetables are highly recommended by health experts.

Fruits And Vegetables

Oils and Fats:

To gain desirable weight in a short time period, you must include atleast 70-90g of fats and oils in your daily meal plan.

Oils and Fats

If you’re really serious about your underweight problem then you must include all above supplements in your regular diet plan in form of your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Following Are The High Energy Nutritious Diet Plan That Will Definitely Help You In Gaining Weight:-

Diet Plan for Breakfast:-

To remove our underweight problem, you must start your day with a cup of tea of tea or coffee having full cream milk and 2 teaspoon of sugar along with 2 biscuits. After around half an hour, you can have your breakfast with 1 glass of orange juice,1/2 cup of breakfast cereals with ½ cup of full cream milk having few drops of honey in it. Apart from juice and cereals, you must also include intake of 2 boiled egg along with slices of butter toast so as to gain requisite calorie for next few hours. If you love to drink beverages then you can also include drinking 1 cup of coffee with full cream milk in your breakfast too. As an alternative in your breakfast, you can also consume boiled egg with 1 glass of fruit juice and around 30g dried fruits or peanut as this will also be energetic and calorie rich for you.

Diet Plan for Breakfast

Diet Plan for Lunch:-

To gain your weight fast, you’ll require following of a heavy lunch program that must include ½ cup soup, around 120g of meat or fish, 1 full plate of rice along with nutritious vegetable salad. You must eat atleast 6-8 chapattis with around 30g of butter and some amount of cheese in your lunch diet so as to provide high calories to your underweight body. You can also include drinking of your favorite beverages after having your lunch if you’re addicted to it but remember to make your beverage only with full cream milk so that it will also support your healthy diet which you’ve consumed in form of breakfast and lunch.

Diet Plan for Lunch

Diet To Eat During Supper:-

Whether you’re a working professional or a student, in both professions, you’ll require highlighting yourself as an energetic person to others. Therefore, in time between your lunch and dinner i. e. supper time, you must also try to fulfill your body’s calorie requirement. In your supper, you must make a habit of drinking 1 glass of fruit juice along with having around ½ cup of tapioca pudding as it will give you energy and calories till your dinner comfortably.

Diet To Eat During Supper

Diet Plan for Dinner:

Your diet plan for dinner also needs to be full of calories and energy. Therefore, it is advisable for you to consume 4-6 chapattis, 12 plate of rice, 50g of meat or fish along with salad in your dinner as it will deliver you utmost calories during your sleeping hours. Also don’t forget to drink 1 glass of milk with full cream before moving to bed for sleep along with 2-3 biscuits.

Diet Plan for Dinner

So, follow these diet plans to overcome your underweight problem and became a healthy person in a month.

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