9 Ways To Fashionably Bring Back The Polka Dots

 The Polka Dots

Like all things retro, the Polka Dots trend too seems to have made a steady and fast comeback. Polka dots, in any part of your outfit, can add a dash of color and fun. This trend can make you look trendy and flirty pretty easily.

While the polka dots have won, and continue to win many hearts, it’s still tricky wearing them without looking like a person from the long gone years. It was a trend dearly loved and appreciated in the 50’s, but pulling them off now has got just a bit trickier. If you want to rock this trend without overdoing it, my best suggestion for you is to keep it minimal. Try to add polka dots to only a part of your outfit instead of adding it to your entire ensemble. Always stick to smaller dots. If you are planning on having large dots, be very careful in dressing with minimal accessories and makeup.

Here Are A Few Ways We Can Further Help You Choose The Way You Would Want To Wear Polka Dots:

1. Pants:

As we have mentioned already, the key to pulling off an outfit with polka dots is to make sure that you play it low and cool. If you are planning on rocking your day with polka dots on your pants, make sure you do it carefully. You can go for pants with a dark shade that have little polka dots all over in a shade that is slightly lighter to that of your pants. While you do this, make sure you are going for a plain button-down. Try not to match your polka dots pants with a shirt that is too upbeat and quirky. The simpler the better.

But, if you are want to match your polka dots with a cool graphic tee, try wearing denims with a patch of polka dots sewed near the knee-cap region. This will stand to be a better, trendier version of the multiple torn and patched jeans that you already own.


2. Stockings:

This is probably the best and the safest way to add a dash of polka to your outfit without overdoing it. There are so many stockings out there with polka dots that are not only fresh, but are also incredibly sexy. Team your special polka stockings with any outfit you would wear plain stockings with. The trick here is to make sure not to add polka dots to any other, significant part of your outfit. To make the polka seem a bit more prominent, you can probably wear accessories, like a watch, with polka dots on them.


3. Winter Wear:

Although the winter has long gone, there is never an absence of a right time to wear coats and cute sweaters. Instead of going for prints that can go out of fashion next month, get your winter clothes with a bit of polka dots on them. Play it safe. Try to add this polka trend with sweaters of basic colors. This can make you boring winter outfit as trendy as possible.

Winter Wear

4. Watches:

A watch can make or break an outfit. While there are countless options to choose from when it comes to a formal dressing, it gets a bit tricky when you have to choose a watch for a more casual setting. Although, watches with colorful prints on the dial or the strap are a very good option, we often end up wearing the watch with a wrong outfit. Wearing watches with polka dots in such situations is the smartest and safest way. Always go for white polka dots on black background or vice versa in order to make it possible for you to wear the watch with multiple outfits. You can also go for neutral colors like beige or you can also try dark and interesting colors like red.


5. Skirts:

Like trousers, you can also add polka prints to your skirts. You have to design the rest of the outfit just the way you would if you were wearing any other skirt. The general rules you follow while dealing with any other skirt, like the color of the skirt and the shirt you are planning to wear, the prints etc. apply when you are dealing with polka print skirts too. Experiment with the texture of the skirts.

 Skirts6. Purse And Handbags:

Accessorizing has always been one of the trickiest things about dressing up. One should take too many things into consideration while one chooses the right accessory. Bags have always been one of the most important and prominent part of dressing up. Bags with polka prints are a very safe option to go by when you are wearing anything vintage. Make sure to avoid polka print on large bags, like tote bags. Stick to elegant and classy options like the clutch or sling.

Purse And Handbags

7. Button Downs For Work:

While it’s easy to dress up for a party and easier to dress up for a casual outing, it is always a headache to choose the right look for work. Plain button-downs with polka dots are a blessing to every working woman out there who pull their hair by the roots every time they have to decide what to wear for work. This outfit speaks of professionalism without making you look too formal or boring. It’s also very easy to style around this look. Make it as simple or as elaborate as you want and you will still look stunning with that vintage button-down.

 Button Downs For Work

8. Nails:

Nail art is all the rage right now. While there wasn’t much importance given to nails in the previous decades, it has certainly taken the present fashion’s fancy. You can always try nails with cute polka dots to make your nails look as pretty as they can get. They don’t need that great of an effort too. Pretty easy to paint, this nail art idea can get you all the attention you want. You can go with any color that takes your fancy and paint your nails the polka style.


9. Footwear:

It goes without saying that shoes have always been a very important and crucial part of an outfit. There are multiple types of shoes you can wear and multiple types of patterns and colors you can choose from. Shoes with polka dots are the cutest options out there. They go with almost every outfit and add a touch of fun to your look.


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