9 Ways And Benefits Of Using Glycerin, Rose Water And Lemon Juice


Benefits Of Using Glycerin, Rose Water And Lemon Juice

Glycerin with rose water and lemon juice is one of the oldest kinds of face toners and packs available for the face. It comes with immense benefits and hence is very popular. For making this mask, you need to mix about 1 spoon of glycerin with equal amounts of lemon juice. To this add about 2 spoons of rose water. You can make this in bulk too and store in the refrigerator. Apply on face and leave for 20 minutes before washing off.

Here Are 10 Benefits Of Using This Toner:

1. Treating Acne

Rose water contains a natural ingredient called Phenylethanol that works as an astringent. This helps in reducing the bacteria that cause acne and pimples. Along with this when you mix together lemon juice with glycerin, it also prevents further growth of acne and prevents infections in the area. Apply on entire face or particular spots.


2. To Unclog And Cleanse Pores

The combination is perfect for cleansing the pores. Lemon juice with glycerin helps the pores to open up while the rose water helps it to close. So when you are using this combination, your pores are cleansed the natural way. Rub and massage the face with the same, then leave it on for a while.

To Unclog And Cleanse Pores

3. To Reduce Redness

It has been seen that redness caused on the face due to capillary enlargement is treated with this mask. If you suffer from this issue, using the mask on a regular basis helps in getting rid of the problem. The best way to use it here would be cold, as it works better for reducing redness.

To Reduce Redness

4. To Relax And Soothe Skin:

The astringent effects of the rose water along with the properties of lemon helps to soothe the skin. It works as a milder sedative form, which relaxes your skin and thus rejuvenates it too. It also helps in getting rid of problems like skin inflammation. Just apply on the face and neck and then lie down for a while.

To Relax And Soothe Skin

5. For Cracked Heels or Eczema

Phenylethanol found in rose water also doubles as a healing agent. It has been proven that the same stimulates faster growth of cells, which in turn provides better healing. Individuals suffering from skin issues like eczema, in particular, get benefit from this pack. Apply on required areas and rinse after a while.

cracked heels (2)

6. Provide Natural Hydration To Skin

There are agents in glycerin named Humectants that nourish and humidify the skin. This, in particular, is needed during the winter months. It moisturizes the skin, without making it too greasy and provides hydration.

Provide Natural Hydration To Skin

7. Get Rid of Oiliness On Face

The honey, lemon and glycerin combination is perfect for all skin types. It helps to balance oiliness the natural way, without making your skin too greasy or dry.

Apple face mask for Oily Skin

8. Lightens Skin And Gets Rid of Scars

Regular use of this mask helps in getting rid of skin scars. Lemon juice is known to contain active bleaching agents, which are natural and help in lightening the skin tone. Over regular use, the skin is visibly brighter and scars and marks are much lesser.

Lighten Up The Complexion

9. For Preventing Signs of Ageing

To get more benefits of out of the toner, mix it with some egg whites to prevent skin aging problems. Mix one egg white with the prepared toner. You can also mix it with some sandalwood or fullers earth pack to get rid of oily skin issues and help the skin tighten up. Mix 2 spoons of either fuller’s earth or sandalwood or even both to the pack.


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