9 Tips To Deal With Excess Hair Growth

Tips To Deal With Excess Hair Growth

Excessive hair growth can be fairly common in women. This can be due to medical conditions like PCOS or hirsutism that leads to a lot of hormonal changes, which cause the growth. Then there are cases where some women tend to have more hair growth as compared to others. Puberty in particular is a time when girls have to deal with excessive hair growth on their face, underarms, legs, hands, etc. But there are plenty of solutions to deal with the same.

Some Are Natural Method While Others Are Chemical Based-

1. Waxing

Sure the name itself reminds you of pain but waxing is surely one of the safest methods for getting rid of the unwanted hair right from the roots. Done using a special concoction of sugar and lemon juice, waxing not only gets rid of hair but removes dead cells, pulls hair from the roots (which delays hair regrowth) and also helps in getting rid of tan. So you get smoother and supple skin. It does pain a bit but works really well for hair prone areas like hands, back, legs, underarms etc. It can be done at home or at the parlour. Cold and hot wax versions are now available.


2. Threading

Waxing is usually not advised for the face because of the pain, but threading is an alternative that you can consider here. Threading is done using a special thread where the beautician. Like waxing, threading involves getting hair out from the facial area using special movement and technique. It too pulls hair out from the root and can be done for defining your face like eyebrow threading.


3. Razor

This one is only suggested for the legs, hands and other areas that too if you really cannot bear waxing or want to avoid it. The reason for avoiding razor use is that it doesn’t remove hair from the root. As a result, the regrowth of the hair can be rather thick and kind of hard. It also leads to darkening of skin around the areas like underarms. Plus you can always hurt yourself.


4. Hair Removal Creams

Another alternative to getting rid of excessive hair growth is through hair removal creams. Not only are they affordable and pain free but they are also a great and quick remedy on days you don’t have time to hit the salon. However, these too don’t really get rid of the hair from the root. Another problem that some people may face is skin darkening.

Hair Removal Creams

5. Bleaching

Bleaching is done using chemicals and usually applied on neck, arms and back areas. Bleaching works on excessive hair growth only if the growth is thin. In cases where the hair growth is rather thick and dark, bleaching might not provide good results. There is also the risk of using too many chemicals on the area, which can cause skin burn.


6. Laser Hair Removal

This is one of the permanent solutions for getting rid of excessive hair on the body. Permanent hair removal is safe as long as it is done via experts. One thing to keep in mind is that it really can help get rid of hair growth for good using special laser rays. This prevents the hair cell from regrowing and fills up the vacuum. The process might be costly but in the long run, it sure works out economical because you don’t have to spend hours doing waxing or going to the salon constantly.

Laser Hair Removal

7. Medications

In cases where the root cause of the excessive hair growth is hormones, one also needs to take medication along with the above mentioned remedies. This is vital because you cannot control excessive hair growth without medications. Having the right balance of hormones will prevent the problem of regrowth.


8. Epilators

These are like small machines that are used for getting rid of excessive hair. However, they may irritate the skin to a great extent. But the benefit is that you get rid of hair from the roots. It tackles problem areas like underarms and bikinis too.


9. Home Remedies

Slow but gradual results can be attained for getting rid of excessive hair growth problems with home remedies. For this, you can try using a pack of wheat flour or gram flour with some milk. Apply all over the body and let it dry naturally. Then using some almond or olive oil, scrub the area well. It particularly works for teens because the hair roots are not very deep. It hurts a little bit but sure provides awesome results. A pumice stone or loofah can be used for gentle exfoliation of hair too.

Home Remedies

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