9 Steps To Professionally Dye Hair Blonde At Home

Professionally Dye Hair Blonde at Home

No one can get over the all time blonde beauty Marilyn Monroe. Her sharp blonde look has been a trendsetter for many. If you’re one of those women who love to adhere bold looks like Marilyn Monroe, going blonde might just be the look you were looking for. No matter you’re black, yellow or white, no matter what your undertone is, you can always find a perfect blonde shade from the range of various blonde colour in the market. While professionals at salons will be able to give you a crisp blonde look, they will be equally expensive. It might not be very desirable for all women. But you can also get that perfect blonde look at home, considering you follow the 9 precise steps we have mentioned to dye hair blonde at home.

1. Pick A Proper Shade:

Wondering what does a correct blonde shade means? First things first, never choose a blonde shade that will look unnatural on you. The only way to get a perfect finish while dyeing hair blonde at home is picking a colour that is either 1 tone lighter than your complexion and hair colour or 1 shade darker than your complexion and hair colour. While few people may argue that professionals do not consider complexion and pick a colour even twice darker or lighter than the natural hair colour. But going blonde at home requires few extra precautions and efforts to match the crisp salon like touch by professionals. You can mix two or three shades of blonde colour in order to make a customized shade that will perfectly complement your hair colour and undertone.

Pick A Proper Shade

2. Shampoo And Condition Your Hair:

After you are done making your ideal shade, leave it alone and let the colours settle. In the meanwhile, shampoo your hair in order to remove all the dirt, dust and oil from the roots and strands. Do not ever turn your hair upside down while shampooing them. Follow it up with a deeply moisturizing conditioner or hair masque to get rid of as much frizz as you can. Let the hair get semi dry naturally. Do not blow dry them. It might add to frizz.

Shampoo And Condition Your Hair

3. Neutralize Your Hair:

Once your hair become semi dry, it is time to neutralize them. Neutralizer protects hair keratin while colouring, straightening and bleaching. It improves the keratin strength and quality. And keratin is hair’s natural protein that maintains hair texture. Thus, wearing a neutralizer will prepare the hair for getting dyed. It will help in preserving the hair texture and will keep them safe from getting dry or damaged due to the chemicals in colours. Try going as herbal as you can. It will increase the efficiency of neutralizer and reduce the chances of frizz post dyeing.

Neutralize Your Hair

4. Comb Your Hair Into Sections:

Once neutralized, it is time to comb the hair. Use a wide tooth brush and comb your hair upside down. This will prevent hair fall, since it will cause less friction and force on hair roots. Your hair should be completely dry before you divide them for colouring. Start with centre and colour in the direction from front to back. The thinner sections you would start with, the more are the chances that most hair strands will be colour coated individually.

Comb Your Hair Into Sections

5. Apply A Transparent Lip Balm, Vaseline Jelly Or Almond Oil:

No we do not mean apply them on hair, we mean apply them generously on the edges of your forehead, all the way to the edges of your ears and neck. This will prevent the colour from settling anywhere beyond the hair strands. This is an essential step to dye your colour blonde at home. When missed, it results in coloured edges. And the final finish isn’t salon crisp. Do not forget to wrap your clothes with a towel. The best is wearing your old clothes when dyeing your hair.

 Apply A Transparent Lip Balm

6. Apply Hair Colour From Roots To Strands:

Most important step of dyeing hair blonde at home is using a thick bristle colouring brush. Dense bristles will cover more strands individually. Some women apply the colour in random strokes from all the directions. Avoid doing it. Try and colour your hair from the roots running all the way down to your tips. It reduces the chances of hair tangling. Tangled hair can break and also result in knots. And it is impossible to apply even colour on knots. Such hair will reflect little patches of natural hair colour when washed. Thus, try to be as seamless as you can. Follow the same procedure for all hair sections. Once finished, open the sections and brush your hair with a thin tooth comb from roots to tips. Apply another layer of hair colour from roots to tips, and then let the colour settle for at least 40 minutes.

 Apply Hair Colour From Roots To Strands

7. Wash And Condition The Hair:

Use tap water to rinse the hair properly. Do not use a shampoo immediately after colouring. Wait at least for two days before you plan to shampoo your newly blonde hair. Simply wash the colour properly till it leaves the roots with plain water. Once the colour is completely washed, apply a highly moisturizing conditioner, the best is using a Shea butter loaded conditioner, and leave it on for 5 minutes before you rinse it. Let the hair dry naturally. Do not comb them vigorously and keep away from the sun for initial 3 days.

Wash And Condition The Hair

8. Apply The Neutralizer Again:

The second last touch up step to dye hair blonde at home is applying a neutralizer after the hair are coloured and washed. Neutralizer not just preserves hair from getting damaged due to colouring, it also increases the colour’s durability post dyeing. It also prevents hair from drying, frizzing and thinning soon after getting coloured. Just remember to use an alcohol free neutralizer.

Apply The Neutralizer Again

9. Use An Ammonia Free Keratin Based Shampoo:

The last step to get a crisp blonde colour at home is using a keratin rich and ammonia free shampoo and conditioner suitable for coloured hair. Use the least chemically loaded shampoo and conditioner that are mild enough for sensitive hair as well. A keratin rich shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair will add to the volume and prevent hair fall. It will make your hair bouncy and will maintain their shine and lustre. It will also prevent them from damaging and breaking. It will make them smooth and will preserve the colour from fading for as long as possible.

Use An Ammonia Free Keratin Based Shampoo

In these simple 9 steps, you will get a perfect salon like blonde look at home. Dyeing hair blonde can not be more professional than this when done at home. Follow these steps with as much precision as you can.

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