9 Simple Ways To Prevent That Smudged Eye Look

Ways To Prevent That Smudged Eye Look

We all know that Kajal instantly enhances look and gives our eyes a defined shape. But with that defined look comes the after effects of applying kajal. Just as the day ends you can actually feel the smudged kajal has already ruined your face and makes it look dull. Thus, to save you from that embarrassment.

Here Are 9 Super Easy Ways To Prevent That Smudged Eye Look And Carry That Flawless Face All Day Long:

1. Keep Your Face Oil-free:

The first step before applying kajal is to wash your face properly. Make sure to clean your face, dry it and then apply the kajal so that your face doesn’t hold oil. If you have an oily skin apply ice around your ice and then apply the kajal. This will help the kajal to set and prevent from smudging.

Keep Your Face Oil-free

2. Dab Loose Powder Good Quality Kajal:

To avoid an ugly smudged look, dab some loose powder on your eyelids, covering the inner and outer lids too. After applying the powder stroke the kajal on your eyelid. This will keep the kajal intact for a longer time and it will not smudge. Don’t forget to dab some powder in the lower portion of your eye.

Dab Loose Powder Good Quality Kajal

3. Invest On A Good Quality Kajal:

It’s better to invest in a good quality kajal than going for a low-quality one. A good quality kajal will give the exact look which you are painting in your head and you can take the risk of applying it near your eyes because of its quality and it will be also¬†friendly to your sensitive eyes.

 Invest On A Good Quality Kajal

4. Master Your Hands In Applying Kajal:

For those perfectly carved eyes, you need to sharpen up your applying skills. For nice and thin lines use a kajal pencil which is sharp from the edges. Avoid applying the kajal from the inner corner instead do the other way round for a more finer look. Take control of the thickness of the kajal by applying short strokes.

Master Your Hands In Applying Kajal

5. Eyeshadow Will Add Perfection:

To hold the kajal for the whole day apply black eyeshadow below the waterline once you stroke the kajal on your waterline. This will give a very pretty smudged and matte finish look and the excess oil under your eyes will be absorbed to give you a flawless finish. For a smudge-free all day long, you can use a waterproof mascara and stay carefree about the smudgy eyes.

Eyeshadow Will Add Perfection

6. Leave The Corners:

A simple trick to avoid the smudging of eyes is to apply soft strokes in the corners of the eyes. Instead, make dark strokes in the middle of your eyes which will give you darker and bold eyes.

Leave The Corners

7. Handy Things Will Help:

No matter how much you try it is impossible to get that perfect look. Thus you need to be careful and keep some things handy to avoid that smudgy look.

 Handy Things Will Help

8. Keep Your Hands Away:

Don’t take your hands near your eyes just after applying the kajal. It will not only spoil your look but it will smudge your eyes and give a horrible look which you definitely don’t want.

Keep Your Hands Away

9. Experiment With New Products:

No matter how many times you will try, girls with oily skin will definitely face a smudgy look. For better results, you can go and try some new products like gel liner if you think your normal kajal pencil is not working on your skin. Gel liners give the exact kajal look you are looking for and it will add an edge to your eyes.

Experiment With New Products

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