9 Simple Tricks To Choose A Right Concealer

Simple Tricks To Choose A Right Concealer

Concealers are makeup products that are used to hide skin imperfections like acne bumps, scars, wrinkles, sun spots, dark circles, pigmentation and even uneven blotches. While these products work wonders to give you a dream complexion, but if not chosen wisely, they give a ghost white and unnatural finish that looks ugly and cakey. In order to help you pick a concealer that will go well with your skin like it is your natural skin complexion, we have listed 9 simple tricks.

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1. Consider Your Complexion:

Not all concealers suit all skin colours. Which is why, the market is flooded with different shades that usually end up confusing you. In order to find your true face companion, put your bet on a concealer that is an exact match of your complexion.


2. Consider Your Foundation:

Remember, ideal foundation is never the complexion of your skin. It is always one shade upside your skin colour. Thus, another way to pick a suitable concealer is getting your hands on a product that is one shade downside the shade of your foundation.

Consider Your Foundation

3. Consider Your Undertone:

Skin’s underlying layers may or may not be what your complexion is. Green tint veins are warm undertones that reflect golden to brown colour. Stick to yellowish concealers for them. Blue tint drifts towards cool undertones that reflect fair complexion. Stick to pinkish and peachy concealers for them.

Stick to gel based concealers for oily skin. Gel hampers sweating, extra oil secretion and is non sticky. Stick to cream based concealers for dry skin, since they keep an eye on flaking, chapping and irritation. Stick to water based concealers for combination skin, since nor they melt, neither they crack.


5. Consider Multiple Concealers:

If the under eye colour of your skin is the same as that of your face, you’re good to go with one single concealer, a shade downside your foundation. In case it is black, you cannot use one concealer on the entire face. Your under eye concealer should be one shade lighter than your complexion, which means twice lighter than your foundation.

Multiple Concealers

6. Consider Ingredients:

Always put your bet on natural concealers that are herbal and devoid of silicone, alcohol and parabens. Such concealers pose least skin of skin dryness, acne breakout and inflammation. And they’re ideal for sensitive skin, whichever type, oily, dry or combination, it is.

Consider Ingredients

7. Consider Proper Patch Testing:

Though almost all of us do a patch test in order to see if the concealer is blending with our skin. But it’s necessary to do it the right way. First, do not patch test on your wrist. Test it on your face. Second, better you test it right over scars or marks on your face.

 Proper Patch Testing

8. Consider Mixing Concealer With Foundation:

If despite of all your efforts, you aren’t finding a closest exact match as that of your skin, try mixing equal proportions of a concealer with a foundation one tone darker than that of the concealer. Apply and stand in light. Use a flash camera to click a picture. If the face doesn’t looks unnaturally white, you just zeroed down on your perfect shade.

Consider Mixing Concealer With Foundation

9. Consider Using Powder Based Concealers:

This one goes out for women who have smooth texture and even complexion, but have just left over acne spots on face. They need not to dab their entire face with a concealer. Rather, use a precision tip brush to apply powder based concealer only on the marks.

And with the 9 listed tips above, you are good to finally find a concealer that will definitely uplift your complexion, rather than giving your face a fake ghost white look.

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