9 Simple Ideas to Have Oil Free Face During Summers

During scorching summers, as the temperature & humidity gets increased oil granules are produced making your skin oily. Summer skin care tips for oily skin helps in reducing the oil and brighten the complexion to give you a natural glow. There are few pros of having oily skin like wrinkle-free skin, longer period of younger looking skin and no problem of early aging signs; whereas there are few cons also like excessive shine, meltdown of makeup as well as breakout for acne & pimples. But instead, in these summers, enjoy having oil-free skin with the help of some simple tips and remedies that ensures you having a wrinkle free normal skin for a longer period of time during day.

Here Are 9 Simple Ideas To Have Oil Free Face During Summers

1. Avoid Sun

As the sun emits harmful & strongly damaging UV rays during the time of 10AM to 3 PM, it is highly suggested to avoid outdoor work. Increase in oil secretion in your skin can be more harmful to your skin and expose your skin to come-in contact with UV rays.

Avoid Sun

2. Gentle Cleanser

A gentle cleanser removes excessive oil, dead cells and blackheads from your skin giving a dry natural skin. Olay Total Effects Foaming cleanser is one of the best product to choose. But, testing the cleanser first is more recommended as not every skin is same in quality.


3. Wash Right

Washing oily skin is one of the toughest thing to handle as little washing can produce onslaught of spots while more washing can make your skin dry by removing natural oil. The best way to get perfect natural skin is to make use of ‘blotting papers’ that help in soaking excess oil from problem areas without removing moisture.

Wash Right

4. Good Sunscreen Lotion

A good sunscreen lotion protect your skin from harmful Ultra-Violet rays emitted by sun. Select a water based matte sunscreen lotion which make your face shine-free by giving you a gorgeous glow. For getting best sunscreen effect on your face, you can go for lotions having SPF30++. Moreover, try to make use of sunscreen & moisturizer that contains salicylic or glycolic acid for removing oil.

Sunscreen Lotion

5. Less Make-up

In summer, try to apply less makeup on your face! Though every woman feel that foundation is the best way to make their skin look brighter and fresh. But, the truth is foundation and compact not only make your skin look older, but also clog-up pores. By applying makeup, your skin is prone to pimples; but make the use of water-based moisturizers or concealers.

Less Make-up

6. Source Of Hydration

Drink Plenty of Water! Hydrate your body well by drinking water and juices which will help your skin moisturize and supple. Drinking of 8-10 glasses of water each day is perfect way to get better lively skin. Include juicy fruits and eatery in your diet to give your body proper hydration level. Drinking of water maintains balance in body fluids. Also, it controls calories and help in weight loss.

Source Of Hydration

7. Eat Right

You are what you eat! Change your diet by adding Vitamin A rich vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, citrus, carrots, etc. These vegetables help decreases the production of oil in skin. Avoid alcohol and fried & spicy food as they increases blood vessels and harmful compounds on your oily skin. Include a variety of whole grains in your diet as they are good source of fiber. Pick-up your diet which is full of healthy carbohydrates and fiber sources.

Eat Right

8. Use Fruit-Scrub

Treat your skin with TLC. TLC stand for ‘thin-layer chromatography’ which is available by making use of fragrant fruit facials. Apply natural, cooling and oil-absorbing fruit scrub once a week on your skin. Use natural soothing moisturizers which include ingredients like avocado and shea butter for your scratchy, itchy and dry skin. You can make different fruit scrubs like Peppermint Toner, Mango Mask, Banana-Honey face pack, Apple-Honey face pack, Banana-Milk-Oats scrub and Oat Meal-Aloe Vera scrub.

 Use Fruit-Scrub

9. Natural Moisturizer

Make a home-made facial scrub with ingredients honey and sugar. This natural scrub help in exfoliating in skin & also moisturizes it completely. Using different scrubs on the face can leave the skin dry and itchy. Just give attention to what you use and continue for the same to get best results. Few steps of cleverness, can give a youthful and younger look.


Having healthy skin is one the most vital part of your body! Take effective care of your skin by giving it a perfect exposure and protection by involving some simple habitat in your daily routine. Through these steps you can avoid weather related problems in your skin. There are variety of skin types such as dry, oily, combined, normal and sensitive. Every skin require different medications. Getting involved in easy remedies will give best output and requires less investment! Pull up your socks and get ready to experience a very new change in your skin during heating summers through these remedies!