9 Make Up Tips To Create Sunset Eyes

There wont be a single person who is not enthralled by the spellbinding beauty of a setting sun. Then, how about wearing that look on your eyes? Some makeup experts have cleverly captured those vibrant shades of pink, orange, purple and blue in creating sunset eyes. This look is brewing up as the hottest trend in the online world right now and is perfect to brighten up your spirits on any dull day. The key to achieving this look is using any three of the many shades of a sunset and depending on the color pairings you choose, many different sunset looks can be created.

We are using orange, purple and blue shades to create the sunset look and since blue is known to be a cooling colour the look we are going to create is perfect to be worn during scorching summer months. Here is a step-by-step make-up guide to help you achieve the look of a sunset on your eyes.

1. Ready Your Face:

Start by applying a base that matches your skin tone all over your face to even out your complexion. Cover any spots or blemishes with a corrector. Define your brows into an arched shape with an eyebrow pencil.

Ready Your Face

2. Prime Your Eyelids:

Top your eyelids with a thin coat of eye shadow primer to help your skin hold the eye shadow for longer. Let it dry for a few seconds before you start applying the eye shadow.

Prime Your Eyelids

3. Line The Crease:

Apply a thin streak of light purple eye shadow along the crease of your eyelids. Dab your fingertips over the crease line to merge the purple eye shadow well into the outer end of the crease line.

Line The Crease

4. Apply Orange Eye Shadow:

Dab a coat of orange eye shadow at the innermost part of your eyelids and extend it above the crease of your eyelids towards the brow bone. Merge it well with purple shade applied at the crease line.

Apply Orange Eye Shadow

5. Colour The Centre:

Apply a solid shade of blue eye shadow at the centremost part of your eyelids and extend it towards the outer corner of your eyelids. Fill the area above your outer lash line with blue eye shadow up till the outer end.

Colour The Centre

6. Redefine The Crease:

Add a bit of more purple eye shadow on the eyelid crease to outline your lids and merge it well into the outer corner of the crease with the blue eye shadow you applied earlier on the outer eyelid.

Redefine The Crease

7. Define Lower Lids:

Run a thin stroke of blue eye shadow beneath your lower lash line and extend it towards the outer end of your lashes to meet the blue shadow applied on the upper eyelid. You may add the purple and orange shades one after the other beneath the blue shadow line for a more striking effect. Make sure to blend all the shadows well.

Define Lower Lids

8. Line Your Lashes:

Define your upper lash line with black gel eyeliner. You can choose to create the winged look with your eyeliner as it works well with the sunset eye make up.

Line Your Lashes

9. Finish The Look:

Coat both your upper and lower lashes with two coats of volumizing mascara. Complete the look by wearing pink, red, orange or neutral lip colour depending on your skin tone or the colour of your outfit and a bit of golden shadow dust applied at the inner corners of your eyes and your brow bone.

Finish The Look

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