9 Kinds Of Sunglasses To Jazz Up Your Outfit


Sunglasses To Jazz Up Your Outfit

Sunglasses are every fashionista’s favorite accessory. They are not only necessary for protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, but they are also sometimes vital to complete the look. Almost every fashion blogger out there finishes up her look with a pair of trendy sunglasses. They can make any one and every one look stylish.

With so many different styles and sizes around, it gets difficult to choose the right ones. Not only do you have to keep your face size in mind while choosing the right pair of sunglasses, but also th0e outfit you are planning on pairing your sunglasses with. With the help of this article, we are going to show the different kinds of sunglasses you could work with.

1. Oval Shaped Aviators:

Aviators are probably the most popular of all sunglasses. We have seen almost every major model posting pictures with these aviators on. They come in different shapes and sizes and the large oval ones are the perfect choice for someone with pointy chin. Having said that, there is no hard and fast rule stating that anyone without a pointy chin cannot pull off these glasses. There are so many styles and sizes out there that, with enough experimenting, you can find the ones just right for you.These aviators go with almost all outfits but avoid teaming them with a strictly formal look.

Oval Shaped Aviators

2. Rectangular Shaped Aviators:

For people with round face, the rectangular aviators work best. Size of the lenses play a major role in aviators of this kind. You have to work with different sizes until you can select the size that works the best for your face. Since these aviators can look a bit tacky, outfits that don’t stand out are the safest choice. Strictly avoid over the top outfits. As they come in many colors, make sure you choose neutral tones for the frame.

Rectangular Shaped Aviators3. Rounded Wayfarers:

Primarily a man’s forte, these sunglasses have only recently begun to make appearances in Woman’s fashion. They are the best sunglasses to wear when you want a perfect blend between casual and smart. They go with all face types but mainly, they work beautifully on square faces. These glasses are perfect to be worn during a causal outing with your colleagues.

Rounded Wayfarers4. Oversized Frames:

This style was a huge trend in the 60’s and is making a steady comeback in the present decades. These are the sunglasses to go for when one wants to have a celebrity touch. They are the type of sunglasses that give the maximum sun protection during the summers and are hence the best choice for beach outings. Owing to their immense popularity, they come in many styles and can suit any face type. The main challenge is to look up the different kinds of glasses and check what suits the best. Remember, although oversized, every face size must be careful as to what size these glasses are. They shouldn’t be large enough to cover your eyebrows and you should always make sure the frames don’t touch your face.

Oversized Frames

5. Cat Eye Glasses:

This style of sunglasses are the sexiest kind possible. They add a chic quotient to your vintage look. These glasses are anything but conventional and will hence work wonders when you want to look tacky. These glasses suit faces with heavy bottoms. They can be both bold or subtle. You can choose the one that you are most comfortable wearing. Always keep the outfit and the occasion in mind before choosing the right one. They come in various styles, colors and with different embellishments. Go for colors that will match your wardrobe the best.

Cat Eye Glasses6. Clubmaster:

These are the most popular sunglasses after wayfarers and aviators. They were the hottest sunglasses released during the 1950’s. These are the to-go glasses when you are aiming for a hip look. These glasses give a refined feel when you pair them up with a vintage do. These too come in many shapes and sizes. This makes it easier for any face type to wear these. Give special importance to the color of the frames and make sure it suits your complexion. To play it safe, stick to clubmasters with silver or gold rims.

Clubmaster7. Round Glasses:

Although these glasses look dated, they are fast making a comeback. With a number of celebrities wearing these glasses, they have now become a fashion statement. With wayfarers and aviators ruling this forte for over a decade, new quirky styles like the round glasses seem like the best option. They suit every face type. The challenge here is to team it up with the proper hair style. These glasses are meant to be worn with a chic hairdo and outfit. Avoid at all costs, clubbing these glasses with anything too causal. Kendall Jenner has been making multiple appearances with these glasses. You can take a leaf out of her book and learn how to work with these glasses the best.

Round Glasses

8. Retro square:

Like all things retro, these sunglasses too, are making it big in the present day trends. Many celebrities have been spotted sporting this style. These sunglasses suit round or heart-shaped faces the best. They work wonderfully when you need to wear them with anything casual. Avoid wearing them when your outfit needs to scream professionalism. For a party, match them up right by keeping the tones and colors of your outfit in mind. Don’t wear too many accessories when you go with these glasses. Although retro was a period where excess accessories were the trend, this might not do too well in the present era.

Retro square9. Shield:

When you need to add some serious attitude to your look, go for these sunglasses with any doubts. They ooze with that bad-ass vibe we sometimes wish so bad to pull off. You can club these with a simple black tank top with shorts. You can also use these sunglasses when you are going all boho-chic. They work beautifully with outfits that flare. They are the best choice out there when you want to club your sunglasses with a super casual weekend outfit.


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