9 Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older


Gorgeous hair is every woman’s dream whether she is young or old.  A good haircut and a nice color will make you look like a diva. At the same time a bad haircut and wrong color would not just look bad but also make you look elder than you actually are. Sometime mistakes are made without even knowing we are making one. This write up would help you know what to do and what not to do when it comes to hair styling so that you don’t look elder than you really are!

List Of 9 Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Continuing To Have A Frizz

Frizz looks good when you are really young but after sometime the same frizz would make you look elder. Use a hair serum if you have frizz and this will help you look younger.


Sticking To Your College Hairstyle

Certain hairstyle would have been in vogue while in college but if you continue the same hairstyle even when you are out of college it will make you look older. So, get away from your college hairstyle and go in for one that would suit you now.


Same Length Hair

Long hair cut at the same length looks good on school girls but as one grows older it makes them look even older if they have this hairstyle. Add some layers and look at the new you!!


Too Much Blonde

Blonde would not always go with all skin tones and top of it if you are older it would look even more odd. Don’t go in for blonde if that is not our natural color as it would make you look pale and sick.


Too Short Haircut

Once you are out of college a very short haircut is a big no. Earlier it was considered that short hair is the best for the older women as it is easy to maintain and also with age as the hair becomes thin, short hair is the best. But, the current trend is that as long as the hair is healthy better to have long hair as short hair makes the person look even more elderly.


Too Much Hair Products

Too much use of hair products also makes the hair dull and makes the person look older. No matter how much you want to try the new product in the market avoid it.


Following The Instructions On The Bottle

Following the instructions on the shampoo bottle to the ‘T’ is also bad. Shampooing more than once removes all the essential oils from the scalp and makes the hair dry and brittle thereby making the person look old.

Wrong Color

There can be nothing disastrous than using the wrong hair color. Using shades of grey, bright colors like orange etc., makes a person look old. Avoid them!


No Proper Conditioning

Hair needs to be conditioned on regular bases. If this is not done, then the hair looks dull and damaged. This makes the person look old.

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Extreme Haircuts

After a certain age one must avoid extreme haircuts such as more bangs etc. This way one can look their age rather than looking old.


True that woman would always like to try out new hairstyles and hair products. But, after a point of time it is sensible that they don’t experiment too much and make such mistakes which make them look older.

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