9 Easy Tricks To Do Stunning Slytherin Inspired Makeup

9 Easy Tricks To Do Stunning Slytherin Inspired Makeup
Slytherin makeup is a trend especially inspired by the 90’s of Hollywood but transformed into sassy look with addition of glitter and dark colors. Whether you are teen or a lady it is an amazing trend which will definitely add shimmer to your look. It will make you look different from others and also as the creature which you liked in your favorite Harry Potter movie. Basically the idea beside slytherin makeup is the art, passion and new creativity. Just with the help of some perfect technique of doing the slytherin makeup, you can change your look to the most impressive one. Just follow the simple steps and get ready to see the pretty you.

Here Are The Easy Steps To Do The Slytherin Makeup Easily:


First of all, you have to start with the application of face primer. You will require a shiny and matte primer for this kind of makeup as it promotes the shiny look. Make sure it is a good quality and branded one because it is the base of your makeup. Take some amount of primer and apply it liberally to your face. Just spread it nicely covering your whole face.



Concealor is always needed in any variety of makeup as it hides away your blemishes and spots on the face. Take a good quality concealor and apply it on such parts of your face. Blend it properly otherwise it would look odd and spotty, thus spoiling your look. Now you have to apply the foundation on your face to make the skin tone even all over. You have to take the glossy shade of foundation which is easily available in the market.


Colored Eye Liner:

Eye liner is the amazing the product to define your eye line in a funky manner as needed in the slytherin makeup. You should not take the traditional black colored liner for this purpose because slytherin makeup promotes the usage of colors. So take a dark colored eye liner such as peacock blue, green or maroon too. Now apply the liner carefully defining your eye line and you can extend it out the eyes also. It makes the look more pretty. You should apply a thick line in this kind of makeup.

Colored Eye liner

Eye Shadow:

Eye shadow is the very important constituent of the beautiful slytherin makeup. As we chose the color of eye liner darker and denser, so now we have to use lighter shade of eye shadow to provide the contrast. You can try trendy colors such as baby pink, light blue or green. Apply it on your eyelids carefully.

Eye shadow


Shimmer is the core idea of this kind of makeup. It enhances your look and makes you differently beautiful. You have to take glitter of silver or golden color and apply it on the eye shadow which you just applied previously. It will define your eyes beautifully and attract all the attention towards you and only you. Now take an eye cream of a tone lighter to your skin and apply it just under the eyebrows. It is the finishing touch for your eye shadow and shimmer makeup.


Colored Mascara:

When it comes to the application of mascara, then you should take a colored one. It will make your slytherin makeup more effective and charming. You can try blue or green color. Simply apply it by curling your lashes beautifully inside out. Apply it twice for the perfect finish.

Colored Mascara

False Eyelashes:

When you are doing slytherin makeup for going in a party, then one amazing tip is there for you. You should try false eye lashes. They make your eyes more dense and impressive. You can take a good quality pair of false lashes, easily available in the market. Now fix them on your lashes after defining them by mascara.

False Eyelashes

Sparkle Lipstick:

Now it is the time to adorn your beautiful lips with the help of a sparkle lipstick. Take a good branded shimmery and sparkling lipstick. Remember to choose a dark color of it maybe red or maroon. First of all you should apply the lip liner of same color. It will help you to define the outlines of your lips. Now apply the lipstick beautifully, just inside the outlines. Apply it twice to seal the shine.

Sparkle Lipstick

Dark Nail Paint:

When you are doing slytherin makeup , you will be required to use a dark shade of nail paint on your nails. Take a dark and matte shade of blue, red or green color. Apply it in the double coat. Now take a transparent shiner and apply it to give the final touch up to your nails.

Dark Nail paint

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