9 Different Ways To Use Red Wine For Skin Care

Use Red Wine For Skin Care

Red wine has been the buzz word in the skin care community for the past few years and for all the relevant reasons. Over the past few years, a lot of people have started using red wine in their skin care routine. The numerous benefits of red wine makes it an ideal ingredient for beautifying your skin and enhancing your natural beauty. It can help freshen up your skin and make it glow radiantly. Other than that, usage of red wine in the skin care regimen can also ward off stubborn and unpleasant skin-related woes. In case, you have ever wondered about the various ways in which you can use red wine for skin care, then continue reading today’s post. As this post will inform you about the different ways in which red wine can be made a part of your skin care regimen for getting best results.

The specified following ways are touted to be effective and, most importantly, they are super easy and can be easily tried at home. Give your skin care practice an upgrade by making red wine a crucial part of it and help enhance your skin’s overall beauty. Before, trying any of the following methods, it is highly recommended to do skin patch test to make sure that the components go well with your skin type.

Take A Look At The 9 Different Ways To Use Red Wine For Skin Care:

1. Use Red Wine Directly On Your Skin:

Many people like to use red wine as a facial toner. Using red wine in this specific way can prove to be extremely beneficial for your skin. This particular method is super simple yet remarkably effective for freshening up your skin and making it naturally glow. In order to use this superb component for best skin care, you should just dip a cotton ball in red wine and gently rub it all over your skin. Pay caution around your eye area while applying red wine. Ideally, you can allow the applied red wine to stay on your skin for 10-15 minutes before splashing room temperature water on your skin.

 Use Red Wine Directly On Your Skin

2. Use Red Wine With Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe vera gel is a valuable skin care ingredient that can effectively beautify your skin when used in combination with red wine. The combo of these two can most definitely make your skin’s texture better and healthier. To whisk up a powerful blend of these 2 components, you just need to mix a tablespoon of scooped out aloe vera gel and 1 teaspoon of red wine. After spreading it all over your face, you should sit back and let the blend dry up a little before cleaning with a face wash.

Use Red Wine With Aloe Vera Gel

3. Use Red Wine With Rose Water:

There is no denying the fact that rose water is one of the most cherished ingredient for skin care reasons. And using it in combination with red wine is touted to be a superbly effective method for helping your skin get healthier and more gorgeous. Prepare a homemade facial rinse by merging 1 tablespoon of red wine and 2 tablespoons of rose water. Then rinse your face with the resulting mix and enjoy glowing complexion.

Use Red Wine With Rose Water

4. Use Red Wine With Honey:

In order to help your skin fight off stubborn woes and stay pretty-looking, this is another way in which you can use red wine for skin care practice. All you would be required to do would be blending red wine with honey. Take a bowl and put 2 teaspoons of red wine and 1 tablespoon of honey in it. With the help of a spoon, try stirring for a little while before spreading it on your face. For the next 10-15 minutes, you should try keeping the mix on your face before cleaning it off. Help your skin become soft and supple by trying this homemade mix using red wine.

Use Red Wine With Honey

5. Use Red Wine With Egg White:

The beauty benefits of egg white has made it a top skin care ingredient all over the world. And combining it with red wine is an amazingly potent process that can benefit your skin in various different ways. Just mix a separated egg white with 2 teaspoons of red wine and 2 drops of lavender essential oil. Smear it all across your face. Right after 5 minutes, use tepid water to clean your face. This specific blend can be used once a month to keep your skin problem-free.

Use Red Wine With Egg White

6. Use Red Wine With Green Tea:

Utilizing the goodness of both, red wine and green tea is something that one must definitely try for helping their skin get better and ward off stubborn skin-related woes. For getting the desired outcome, it is ideal to prepare a homemade blend by mixing 1 teaspoon of red wine with 1 tablespoon of green tea and half a teaspoon of yogurt. In the usual manner, apply the blend on your face and after keeping it on for 10 minutes, you should clean it off.

Use Red Wine With Green Tea

7. Use Red Wine Ice Cubes:

When it comes to improving the complexion and texture of the skin, then red wine is cited to be particularly effective, especially when used in this specific form. You need to fill an ice tray with red wine and store it in the freezer. Once the red wine ice cubes are ready, you can tenderly rub it onto your freshly cleaned face. Be gentle in your approach and don’t rub on any particular part for too long. Finish rubbing red wine ice cubes within 40-50 seconds and then let the residue stay on your face for the next 10 minutes before splashing cold water on your face.

Use Red Wine Ice Cubes

8. Use Red Wine With Almond Powder:

This is another method of using red wine for skin care purpose that is worth trying out. Simple yet extremely potent, this particular method can help your skin achieve softer and smoother texture. Whip up a wonderful blend by merging a teaspoon of almond powder with 2 teaspoons of red wine. Right after you have finished mixing, just smear the blend on your skin. Then sit back and let the blend dry for a little while before cleaning with distilled water.

Use Red Wine With Almond Powder

9. Use Red Wine With Fuller’s Earth:

Among the ingredients that are often used for skin care purpose, fuller’s earth is one such component that is perceived to be highly potent and remarkably effective in improving the state of an individual’s skin. Create a smooth paste of both, red wine and fuller’s earth. Just combine a tablespoon of fuller’s earth with 2-3 teaspoons of red wine to whisk up this amazing blend. In a gentle manner, just spread the paste all over your face and let it dry for good 10-15 minutes prior to splashing room temperature water on your face. This method should help your skin become cleaner and smoother.

Use Red Wine With Fuller's Earth

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