9 Different Types Of Mascara Wands You Should Know About


 Mascara Wands

Mascara wands are generally small brushes which are used to beautify your eyelashes. If your eyes look attractive and beautiful then it can give a very good feeling to you. Apart from that eyes are very important part of our body, therefore it is important to take proper care of our eyes while you are beautifying it. There are plenty of Mascara wands are available in the market but all of them are not good for your eyes. You have to be very cautious while choosing a proper brush for you. If you are confused about what types of brush you should choose which can effectively beautify your eyes and at the same time which one can be safe for you then the following discussion can definitely help you.

The Top 9 Different Types Of Mascara Wands Are Mentioned Here:

1. Thick Bristle Wand:

Thick bristle wand is one of the most popular types of mascara wands. There are thousands of women who are using this brush in order to beautify their eyes. This brush is very effective and useful to the women who have shorter eyelashes. This mascara wand can cover every space of the eyelash of a woman.

 Thick Bristle Wand

2. Spherical Tip Wand:

Spherical tip wand can be very effective and useful but it’s not very well known to the most of the women. This Mascara wand can be used if you are looking to beautify your eyes with sharp details. It can be used when it comes to detailing your eyelashes.

Spherical Tip Wand

3. Thin Bristle Wand:

Just like thick bristle wind, thin bristle wand is also very popular among many women. Thin bristle wand is generally used togive a natural and clean look to your eyelashes. Generally, most of the women use this mascara wand.

 Thin Bristle Wand

4. Curved Wand:

If you want to beautify your eyelashes with some attractive details then curved wand can be an ideal choice for you. Generally, curved wand is useful when it comes to a quick job. If you want to detail your eyelashes and you don’t have enough time then curved wand can be perfect for you.

Curved Wand

5. Micro Tip Wand:

Micro tip wand can be perfect for the women who do not spend a lot of time and effort behind their makeup. Micro tip wand is generally used to give dark pigment effect to your eyelashes. If you can use a micro tip wand properly then your eyes look beautiful and it should be good enough to get all the attention.

 Micro Tip Wand

6. Straight Wand:

If you are looking for mascara wand which is very easy to use then straight wand should be ideal for you. The straight wand is ideal when it is about covering up every detail of your eyelashes.The straight wand is one of the common mascara wands which are used ever.

Straight Wand

7. Comb Master Wand:

If you want to avoid any kind of clumps in your eyelashes then you should definitely use the comb master wand. It is not a widely known master wand but if you are a perfectionist then you can use this mascara wand.

Comb Master Wand

8. Balled Tip Wand:

Balled tip wand is also a very popular mascara wand. If you are looking for a bold and professional look then you can definitely tryout the balled tip wand.

Balled Tip Wand

9.Tapered Wand:

This mascara wand looks like a Christmas tree. Again this mascara wand is used to detail every bit of your eyelashes and at the same time, it is very easy to use.

Tapered Wand

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