9 Body Scrubs Products Available In The Market

Body Scrubs Products

Our skin has to face many things and due to harmful effect of the pollution, dirt particles and other bad elements, our outer skin gets damaged and it just stick to the skin as new skin develops under it, this thing happens to the whole body, you always scrub your face but our whole body also needs it on regular basis, we cannot use the face scrub on the damaged tissues of the skin, there are products available in the market for the body scrubbing,

Here Is List Of The Some Of The Products:

1. Chocomania Body Scrub:

This is one of the best body scrub in the market, it has the cocoa butter in it, which gives the smooth skin with the polishing look, also it has the goodness of the cane sugar, which is good for the removing the damaged tissues of the skin, this comes in the soap form and you can apply this on whole body and gently massage it for sometime and then rinse it off, do it twice a week for good results.

Chocomania Body Scrub

2. Victoria Secret Body Scrub:

This is the scrub made by Victoria company, this is in cream form, all you need to apply it on the wet skin, it gives you gentle foam for the better cleaning of the skin and you the sugar content in it remove the dryness of the skin and exfoliates the dead skin as well, it also gives you a nice fragrance for a longer time after using it and it gives you a nice leather touch skin.

Victoria Secret Body Scrub

3. Loccitane Almond Body Scrub:

This is also an amazing body scrub, it has the essential of the almond in it with the crystals, as you applied this on the skin, then this easily melts with on the skin and creates a nice foam, it exfoliates the dead skin and almond oil nourishes the skin easily, the bottle is so hand and it comes in the a tube.

Loccitane Almond Body Scrub

4. Arbonne Sea Salt Scrub:

This is scrub used by many women, it is best to use before the leg waxing or you want to do pedicure at home, the sea salt has the best healing and exfoliating properties in it, it comes in the gel form and create good amount of the foam in it, the oil gives the skin proper miniaturization and it gives nice shine to the skin.

Arbonne Sea Salt Scrub

5. St. Ives Apricot Body Scrub:

Apricot is used in many beauty products as it is a natural exfoliating agent to the body, this scrub is best used in the morning as it gives you a nice fragrance through out a day, so you need to use any scent, if you have the dark ankles, elbow and knees, then you can use this products, this also removes the damaged skin of the legs and hands before waxing them.

St. Ives Apricot Body Scrub

6. Flake Away Body Scrub:

This is also one of the best body scrub available in the market, it comes in the soap form and gives a nice gentle foam on the wet skin, this gives you a nice and glowing skin and if you want to shave then you can use it as it will soft the hair and then it can be easily shaved, if you want to pedicure then it is the best option for you, this gives you saloon touch up at home.

Flake Away Body Scrub

7. Body Shop Strawberry Body Scrub:

This is the body scrub that comes with the strawberry, crystals of the walnuts and kiwi seeds, the combination effect of all is so good on the skin, strawberry clean the skin, walnuts scrub the skin well, it remove the dead skin and the kiwi seeds nourishes the skin internally, this comes in the gel form and it is handy.

Body Shop Strawberry Body Scrub

8. Giovanni Sugar And Hot Chocolate Scrub:

This is the good product by the Giovanni and it is loved by most of the girls, this has the goodness of the chocolate that gives a nice touch to the skin, also it nourishes the skin and make it smooth, sugar content in it, removes the dead skin of the body, it is good for the dark skin of under arms, elbows, toes, this also comes in the gel form.

Giovanni Sugar And Hot Chocolate Scrub

9. Clinique Sparkle Skin Exfoliating Cream:

It has the grapefruit, lemon essentials, which are known to be a good exfoliating agent for the body, it also gives you a nice foam and clean the body, it has the cool menthol in it, as you do scrub on the skin, it creates an itching effect, so menthol soothe the skin and also gives shine to the body.

Clinique Sparkle Skin Exfoliating Cream

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