9 Best Skin Care Tips For Ladies At 20s 30s And Beyond

Skin Care Tips

Skin care is a common approach that must be given higher preference by an individual along with body and health care. Unfortunately, there are lots of people who underestimate this factor which in turn makes their skin prone to common skin infections and skin diseases. The role of genes is highly significant in determining the skin type that anyone possess. If your family members have oily skin then genetically it will be transferred to you also. The same reason is applicable for other types of skin too. Here are some very useful skin care tips for females at 20s, 30s and beyond that will improve their skin no matter about the type of skin you possess.

Here Are The 9 Best Skin Care Tips For Ladies At 20s 30s And Beyond:

Avoid Excessive Use Of Skin Care Products:-

If you want to keep your skin away from infections and skin problems like occurrence of acne, pimples etc then it is very essential for you to keep yourself away from excessive use of skin products available in the market. In fact, in many researches, it has been estimated that excessive applying of lotions, creams and gels on skin promotes oil production in the skin. Apart from making your skin oily, the chemicals present in such products many times results in causing acne, pimples and other skin problems as a side effect. However, you must use only branded products for your skin as they are quality tested and harmless to the skin.

Avoid Excessive Use Of Skin Care Products

Take Only Prescribed Medications:-

If you’re having any complex or mild health related problem which you find difficult to cure without medication then on such condition, you must prefer only those medicines which are prescribed by your health professional. This is to be done to safeguard your skin against infections and skin diseases because many times, skin problems occur as a resultant of improper medications for a particular health problem. Women are always advised to take hormonal birth control pills only after having a consultation with their doctor as many times such pills also causes oily skin, acne and pimples as a side effect.

Take Only Prescribed Medications

Always Remain Stress Free:-

Skin problems also occurs when someone find himself or herself in depression and stress like condition. Therefore, you must try to keep yourself away from chronic stress produced by androgen hormones because it promotes oil production to the skin and also causes other health related problems in the body.

Take Only Prescribed Medications

Use Luke Warm Water For Washing Your Face:-

If you’re having too much oiliness in your skin then washing your face twice or thrice a day with luke warm water will definitely give your good result in recovering from it. In fact, washing your face with warm water dissolves oil quicker than cold water and removes dirt and impurities deposited on your skin thereby unclogging the skin pores.

Use Luke Warm Water For Washing Your Face

Always Use Gel Based Cleanser:-

For a better skin care, cleaning the skin with gel based cleanser that contains glycolic acid, salicylic acid and citric acid will be highly beneficial for improving natural glow on skin. Also such gel based cleanser can reduce dead skin cells that clog pores which in turn will help in breaking of pimples to some extent.

Always Use Gel Based Cleanser

Avoid Too Much Scrubbing:-

For oily skin, use of scrubber is definitely a good option to overcome it but too much scrubbing results in stripping the skin of its natural oils and moisture which will make your skin too much dry. It is therefore advised by beauty experts to exfoliate the oil with a scrubber 2-3 times a week so that your skin may not lose its ability to produce natural oils to produce moisture and fight skin irritations.

Avoid Too Much Scrubbing

Apply Natural Face Mask Periodically:-

To protect your skin against skin problems and oiliness factor, you must apply natural face masks periodically as such masks plays a vital role in soaking excess of oil from the skin thereby killing infections causing bacteria from its root cause. You can freely apply sandalwood or natural face mask made from fuller earth so as to remove impurities from your oily skin. In fact, such natural face masks acts as a coolant for the skin and soaks excess oil without causing any side effect to the skin tone.

Apply Natural Face Mask Periodically

Go On Low Make-up:-

Heavy make-up is not good for skin especially during summer season, following of heavy makeup transfers the dirt, germs and impurities to your face which in turn results in occurrence of common skin problems. Therefore, you must always prefer light makeup instead of heavy makeup so that your skin will always offered with cooling effect required to keep infections away.

Go On Low Make-up

Always Remove Skin Oil With Tissue Paper:-

If you’re having oily skin then you must control your temptation of touching your face with your hands every now and then because such activity transfers impurities to the skin at a faster pace. However, you can prefer medicated pad or tissue paper so as to wipe out excess of oil from your skin.

Always Remove Skin Oil With Tissue Paper

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