9 Best Matte Nail Polishes For Girls

Women are always too much conscious about their look and beauty. They always compare themselves with other females in terms of fashion and style because thou always want to be a center of attraction everywhere. In nail arts, they tried lots of glossy nail polishes so as to keep their talon glossy in look. But the time of using glossy has gone as this is the era of matte nail polishes which gives chic and edgy matte finishing to nails of its user. For the lovers of matte nail polishes.

Here Are Top 9 Fantastic Matte Topcoats Which Will Definitely Make Presence Appreciating And Elegant:

1. Mac Wham, Bam, Glam Nail Polish

This is a fabulous dark taupe matte nail polish of MAC brand which is extremely popular for its pretty shade among young and teenage girls. You need to apply 3 coating of nail polish on your nails so as to get desirable dark matte finishing on your nails.

Mac Wham, Bam, Glam Nail Polish

2. Orly Viridian Vinyl Nail Polish

It is a beautiful matte nail polish made with blue green matte having more glossing in it. Applying this nail polish to your nails will give you a fooling of having plastic layers on your nails with matte finishing. This nail art is easily achievable with 2 coats.

Orly Viridian Vinyl Nail Polish

3. Zoya Posh Nail Polish

Posh matte finishing nail polish of Zoya brand having red velvet shade is very much darker than regular reds shade in nail polish. This nail polish gives a true reflection of beauty with its shimmering velvet red shade and gives luxurious look to your nails in 3 coating.

Zoya Posh Nail Polish

4. MAC Studded Nail Polish

MAC studded is a true blue shaded silver matte finishing nail polish that gives shimmering effect to nails in 3 regular coating.

MAC Studded Nail Polish

5. Zoya Veruschka Nail Polish

This is a dark forest green matte nail polish which contains green shimmers in high quantity. This is an ideal product for lovers of green color who wants shimmering effect on their nails even on matte background. You need to apply 2 coats of this nail polish on your nails along with coat of topcoat to have matte green finishing on your nail arts.

Zoya Veruschka Nail Polish

6. Zoya Lolly Nail Polish

This is a fantastic product of Zoya brand which comes in bright pink matte. The pink shade of this matte nail polish will definitely make you delight with its fine finishing. However, you need to apply 3 coats in it so as to gain best finishing in your nail arts with this nail polish.

Zoya Lolly Nail Polish

7. O. P. I Henry Ryder Nail Polish

Henry Ryder is an amazing nail polish that keeps its promise of giving gold matte finishing to its user. This nail polish with gold shimmering gives liquid sand finishing to your nails which looks like gold foils on nails. This nail polish gives cool gold shimmering finish on 2 coats.

O. P. I Henry Ryder Nail Polish

8. Orly Blue Suede Nail Polish

Blue Suede nail polish made with orly matte gives much better finishing on nails than glossy nail polish. If you choose blue suede nail polish then remember to apply 2 coats on your nails for giving a stylish look to your dull looking fingers.

Orly Blue Suede Nail Polish

9. Avon Matte Violetta Nail Polish

Avon Violetta is a dark purple shade matte nail polish that gives the matte finishing to your nail arts by kiting your nails bright for a long time. Avon rarely makes the product having dark matte shades and therefore, the lovers of bright nails can make their nails bright and beautiful in 2 coats.

Avon Matte Violetta Nail Polish

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