9 Best Hair Moisturizers Available In India


9 Best Hair Moisturizers Available In India

You use moisturizer for your skin to prevent dryness and to make it soft, supple and glowing but have you ever paid attention to your hair?

If your hair care regime is limited within shampoo and oil then it is the time to bring a make over by including Hair moisturizer to it. Daily wash, excess use of heat generating hair styling tools, different chemical laden products or poor diet leads to dry, rough and frizzy hair. So apart from a healthy diet and oil treatment your hair needs something extra. These hair moisturizers not only fight off dryness and frizz but also provide your tresses nutrients and make it soft and shiny. So if you want to give you hair moisturizer treatment but are not sure which one to go for then read on the 9 best hair moisturizers and pick the best one for you.

Here Are The 9 Best Hair Moisturizers Available In India:

1. L’Oreal Professional X-Tenso Moisturist Masque:

Presented by L’Oreal Professional range this amazing hair moisturizer is definitely worth a try. Formulated with natural cationic technology that works instantly and you get nourished, soft and lustrous tresses in a jiffy. Loaded nutritive oils and ceramides this hair masque gives your tresses deep conditioning and strengthens the hair roots as well.

L’Oreal professional X-Tenso Moisturist Masque

2. Oriflame Hair X Repair Therapy Hair Mask:

If you are struggling with dry, damaged and frizzy hair then this hair mask from the well known cosmetic brand, Oriflame, can turn out to be a great solution. Comes with a reasonable price this mask repair the damaged hair. While on the other hand makes it tangle-free, smooth and manageable. This hair mask also gives your tresses an instant shine that promises a second look guaranteed.

Oriflame Hair X Repair Therapy Hair Mask

3. Schwarzkopf Spa Essence Hydrating Cream Mask:

Another excellent mask that gives your damaged and lifeless tresses a boost is this hydrating cream mask. Experience the hair spa treatment right at your home with this hydrating cream mask and bring the lost life back to your tresses. It also soothes your scalp and other ingredients even stimulate hair growth.

Schwarzkopf Spa Essence Hydrating Cream Mask

4. Himalaya Hair Detangler and Conditioner:

If you are looking for herbal products instead of those chemical-based ones then this is a perfect hair mask for you. Prepared with botanic and natural compounds this hair mask provides the required moisture to your hairs. As the name indicates the hair mask also condition your lifeless tresses, detangles it and provides you softer and shiner hair. Good fact about the hair mask is that it doesn’t make your hair heavy or flat.

Himalaya Hair Detangler and Conditioner

5. The Body Shop Rainforest Shine Conditioner:

People with dry to normal hair can go for this hair mask. It has a gel like texture that cleanses your hair properly. On the other hand, the good amount of glycerin in it gives the required moisture to your hairs and prevents dryness. But never makes your hair sticky or flat, instead makes them softer and lustrous.

The Body Shop Rainforest Shine Conditioner

6. Aroma Magic Triphala Hair Solution:

If you are the owner of oily scalp then give this product a try. Formulated with all natural properties including triphala, Indian lilac, fenugreek and gooseberry this hair mask conditions your hair but doesn’t weight down it. Moreover it’s watery texture educes over production of oil in the scalp and also provides good volume to it. To receive the maximum benefits, apply it overnight.

Aroma Magic Triphala Hair Solution

7. Wella Professional Enrich Moisturizing Treatment:

Dry, damaged or frizzy hair would no longer be a problem if you have this hair moisturizer at your help. Loaded with natural yet effective compound like shea butter this hair mask is rich and creamy and especially formulated for dry hair. it provides good nourishment to your lifeless tresses, banishes frizz and softens them as well.

Wella Professional Enrich Moisturizing Treatment

8. The Organix Smooth Hydration Moisture Restore Mask:

Another very effective and popular hair mask that deserves mentioning would be this one. Prepared with the goodness of shea butter and argan oil, this mask gives your hair deep conditioning treatment. That helps in detangling and softening the tresses but doesn’t make your hair appear sticky or weight down.

The Organix Smooth Hydration Moisture Restore Mask

9. Hair Label M Moisturizing Conditioner:

As the name indicates this product works as a hair conditioner and needs to be used after washing your hair with shampoo. It is enriched with the botanical compounds like soya protein, currants, wheat proteins and aloe vera that lock the required moisture to your tresses and bring the lost life back to them. This hair conditioner is sulfate free and also contains enviroshield formula that keeps off your hair from environmental damage.

Label M Moisturizing Conditioner

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