9 Best Hair Accessories To Glam-Up Your Look

9 Best hair accessories to glam-up your look

Hair is the best part that helps us play with different looks. A minute change in the way you wear your hair can go a long way in changing your entire look. But it is not always possible to handle your hair and come up with different hair styles that go with your attire and the occasion. We are all well versed with how tiring our hair can be. We have all had those bad hair days which can have an immense impact on our outfits and the overall look.

For all those days when your hair gives you a tough time or you are too lazy to work up some magic with your hair, you can easily use one of these hair accessories that can instantly make you look more glamorous. Club these hair accessories with your outfit and you are good to go.

We Will Now Look At Some Of The Best Hair Accessories That You Must Have:

1. Metallic Ponytail Holders

You can never go wrong with these. All you have got to do is switch your normal hair ties with these. They help you make a statement and make you look bold. They go perfectly well with loud eye makeup and outfits that work well with a nice tight high pony.

Metallic ponytail holders

2. Trendy Bun-Cuffs

We all have these bun-cuffs that makes us handle our hair so much better on our busy days. Well, now you can use the trendier, flashier versions of these very same bun-cuffs to up your style quotient. The come in all forms, including metallic ones, pretty glittery ones, bun cuffs with flowers and many more. All you have to do is just pick one of these that go best with your outfit and rock on.

Trendy bun-cuffs

3. Golden Cords

These extremely simple to find and cheap hair accessory can work wonders. There are so many simple everyday hair styles out there that, when clubbed with a golden cord can immediately change the way you look at your hairstyle. For instance, just use a cord while plaiting your hair and see for yourself how much it can transform your hairdo.

Golden cords

4.  Braid Rings

There are so many different styles you can braid your hair in. You can use braid rings with all the different braid styles you have in your mind including the french braid, the dutch braid and anything and everything else. It will make you look more chic and stylish with no effort at all.

Braid rings

5. Black Ribbon

A piece of black ribbon can work wonders if used the right way. There are so many retro styles out there that you can work out using this simple hair accessory. You can also a get a bit creative and try out your own styles which could use a bit of ribbon.

Black Ribbon

6. Fancy Headbands

Headbands are an accessory we are all well-versed with. From the times we were merely in kindergarten to our crazy weekend parties, this accessory is as diverse as it gets. Make use of fancy headbands to make a more pronounced statement. Headbands with a bit of glitter, or with some interesting trendy pattern can alter your entire look. But be careful not to overdo it. Using headbands which are too loud or teaming your fancy headbands with loud eye make up can ruin your look.

Fancy headbands

7. Sophisticated Hair Brooch

Hair Brooch have always been associated with occasions that needed extra care. Office events, Christmas parties or dinners with important people, all require you to put your best foot forward. Using a delicate brooch with your simple hair bun can make you achieve that sophisticated look easily. Carefully match the dress you are wearing with the right brooch and you will be subject of immense envy on your event.

Sophisticated hair brooch

8. Hair Barrettes

We all have, often enough, thanked this hair accessory to make managing our hair simpler. This item is of immense use during those busy days when all you want to do is pull all your hair back and just clip it with a hair barrette. But, by using just a dash of creativity, your beloved accessory can help you rock your look. There are so many barrettes out there that are so much more than your simple every day barrettes. Diamond encrusted barrettes, glittery barrettes are just examples of barrettes you can use to compliment your simple hair style with minimal efforts.

Hair barrettes

9. Trendy Turbans

For all those over the top events when no hair style seems to be funky enough, hair turbans can just be the perfect choice. It can work wonders with any hair type and the immense variety they come in just helps our case. Choose from the many colors and patterns they come in and match them up with your outfit and makeup to save your day.

Trendy turbans

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