9 Amazing Tips To Make Your Baby’s Skin Fair

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The most blessed and divine phrase of a woman’s life comes with arrival of her baby. Baby becomes the centre attention of her life. All her thoughts and concerns evolve around her little one and one thing almost every mom wishes for child is that her baby’s skin should be fair. Though women try various fairness products and expensive treatments on salons to achieve such complexions for themselves but as for the baby you can’t use harsh chemical or products so lightening the skin-tone for the babies is not that easy. But all you new moms out there, don’t need to fret as here we give you top amazing 8 tips to make your baby’s skin fair effectively, just read on to know more.

Here Are The 9 Amazing Tips To Make Your Baby’s Skin Fair :

1. Hot Oil Massage

Oil massaging is required for the newborn babies not only for the growth and development of the bone and muscle structure but also it helps to nurture baby’s skin too. A hot oil massage will retain the required moisture of the baby’s skin and make it smoother. Regular massaging aids a glow and lightens the skin tone while dry, flaky skin can’t provide it so include a hot massage to your bay’s skin care regime to get the desired skin tone.

Hot Oil Massage

2. Home-made Pack:

One of the excellent ways to treat your little one’s delicate skin is using a home-made baby pack instead or creams or lotions. To prepare the body pack you need to mix some amount of turmeric, sandalwood, saffron and milk and make a fine paste. Apply it on your baby’s body and leave for 10 minutes before rinsing it off. This excellent pack not only lightens your baby’s skin tone but also prevent skin infection.

Home-made Pack

3. Balance Water-temperature For Bathing:

Likewise too hot or too cold water is damaging for adult’s skin so it is for your sweetheart’s skin as well. Extreme water temperature could lead to dryness of the skin and makes it flaky and dark. So use lukewarm water for the bath of your baby.

Balance Water-temperature For Bathing

4. Don’t Use Soap:

As baby’s skin tends to be delicate and sensitive so don’t use harsh soap on it. It can make your little one’s skin dried out, peeled and dark. You can replace soap by using rosewater and milk. You can also opt for milk cream or glycerin contained soaps formulated especially for toddlers.

Don’t Use Soap

5. Staple Fruit Juice To Baby’s Diet:

Apart from polishing your baby’s skin outside, its equally important to nurture it from inside. To do this, add fruit juices to your baby’s regular diet after till the age of 3 months. Grape juice is immensely helpful to increase the radiance of the epidermis. You can also include orange and apple juices for maximum benefits.

Staple Fruit Juice To Baby’s Diet

6. Use Moisturizer:

Moisturizing is an essential part of any skincare regime either for adults or toddlers. It helps to prevent dryness and maintains a smooth and glossy skin. Choose the best moisturizer brand for the babies and apply it on your little one’s skin after every 4 hours throughout the day to receive the best result. Well-hydrated skin appears fair than the peeled or dried out skin.


7. Keep Your Baby’s Body Well-hydrated:

One of the important tips that not only good for your baby’s skin but also for essential for the overall well being of your little angel is keep his/her body well hydrated. Let your baby drink enough water which will help in the proper functioning of the body and also keep the skin nourished and well moisturized from within.

Keep Your Baby’s Body Well-hydrated

8. Customized Sun-bath:

Sunlight is definitely necessary for your baby’s health but that shouldn’t be for too long. As customized sun exposure has some great benefits on the other hand too much of it has side effects too and one of them is lead to sun tan or darker skin-tone. However, if you want to protect your sweetheart’s delicate skin from the direct sunlight, you can use a pram.

Customized Sun-bath

9. Body Scrub:

Yes, you have read it right you can use mild home-made body scrub for your little ones. You might have noticed babies have thin layers of delicate and fragile hairs all over their body including face and back which often make the skin appear darker than actually it is. So prepare scrub by mixing little amount of chickpea, milk, rose water, finely grinded gram pulse and baby oil. Now use this scrub with gentle massaging which will help to eliminate impurities, dead skin cells, and those thin layers of hair around the body. On the other hand will increase the blood circulation and improve the skin tone and enhance the glow as well.

Scrub baby's skin

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