9 Amazing Nail Art Ideas With Rhinestones

Nail Art Ideas With Rhinestones

Love sparkly and studded nails? Then you should definitely add some glittery and dazzling rhinestones to your nail art. Nail art has evolved a lot over time and people are getting these done professionally and paying a lot of bucks, but there are some essentials which you can add to your nail art which will make it look like done by an expert nail artist. Adding rhinestones to the nail art makes it look even more attractive and this is a great option to go for those who do can’t paint their nails easily because all you have to do is just stick! So let’s get some cool ideas.

Here Are The 9 Amazing Nail Art Ideas With Rhinestones:

1. Shimmer Nails!

When you want to achieve a look that look different and prettier than the usual sticking of rhinestones, then this is the one to go for. This nail art design topped up with sparkling rhinestones looks much more elegant and sophisticated. Paint your nails in a nail paint colour; add a coat of shimmer nail paint from the cuticle portion and then stick some rhinestones in the pattern you want. Fill one nail completely with rhinestones leaving the other nails filled only a little.

Shimmer nails

2. Sparkling Red And Gold Nails!

Red paired up with gold is one of the greatest options when you want to raise that hotness quotient! It looks really bold and sexy. So when you want a bit of a mature look, go for gold rhinestones. Paint the nails in gold and only 2-3 nails in red and stick the rhinestones in the patterns you like!

parkling red and gold nails

3. Chunky Rhinestones Nail Art!

When want to grab a lot of attention towards your nails, go for bigger sized chunky rhinestones! Paint your nails in white because white instantly grabs a lot of attention and adds value to the look, add some small rhinestones in various different patterns o different nails and then add a few big rhinestones in balance with the smaller ones, and there you go!

Chunky rhinestones nail art

4. Trend Ombre Nails!

Ombre fashion has been too much in trend lately and yes you can achieve the ombre pattern on nails too! And adding some jazz combine ombre nails with sparkly rhinestones to add value. Add a good pop of colour on the tip of the nails and then slowly add a lighter colour of the same shade in gradation. After that, apply a coat of shimmery nail paint to add a bit of dazzle to the nails. Then complete fill one nail with rhinestones and the others in minimal pattern as in the picture.

Trend ombre nails

5. Retro Vintage Design!

Polka dots are one of the trending designs as far as fashion is concerned, so why not try a polka nail art with rhinestones? It looks very cute and stylish at the same time. Paint a French manicure with one of your favourite colours, add some nice polka dots over it and finish up the outline with some small rhinestone studs and there you go retro!

Retro vintage design

6. Funky Zebra Nails!

Zebra stripes are one of the preferred nail art patterns when you want to be really easy with the design, it is not very complicated and can be done by anyone. Paint the nails in opaque white nail paint and draw some uneven zebra stripes on the nails with black nail paint. And stick some rhinestones over it, if want to create the same pattern as in the picture, buy some ready rhinestone stripes available and stick them over the nails to save some time.

Funky zebra nails

7. Quirky Prints!

When you want to play with some colours related to your outfit, this is one mix and match design that you can go for. It is really quirky and vibrant to see and hence will immediately grab attention and be ready to receive a lot of compliments! Use some glitter and shimmer polishes to create patches and black and white to create animal prints here and there and then finally stick some rhinestones. Do not overdo the rhinestones because the design naturally is quirky.

Quirky prints

8. Simple Chic Nail Art!

This is one of the simplest styles to opt for if you do not really know how to paint the nails or are in a hurry and want a quick styling for the nails. Paint the nails in your favourite colour, the brighter it is, the more it get noticed. Then fill one or two nails entirely with some rhinestones, and stick just one rhinestone on each nail near the cuticle area. To add more fun, use coloured rhinestones.

Simple chic nail art

9. Sexy Animal Print Nails!

Animal prints are loved by each woman especially the leopard print. Animal prints when painted into nail arts look extremely sexy and fun. Paint half of the nails in a solid colour of your choice and the other half in some other lighter colour. Now paint animal prints over the nails on the lighter colour and put some rhinestones creating a border between the two colours.

Sexy animal print nails

So get inspired by these amazing and easy rhinestone nail art designs and go bling-bling!

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